Floyd Mayweather landing brutal body shots proves he was so much more than a defensive boxer


Floyd Mayweather’s victory over Andre Berto to extend his record to 49-0 was practically flawless.

What seemed like a disappointing match-up before the fight even started was proven right as Mayweather walked all over Berto in their fight in September 2015.

The then 38-year-old left the match with reported earnings of about $32 million while Berto earned a sum of $4 million from the fight.

The fight in itself was uninspiring and extremely one-sided. Berto continually failed to get Mayweather, who dodged and evaded his way past everything that came his way.

Pretty Boy was king in this fight and made it known with his precise jabs devastating Berto to great effect.

The fight was a dead end from the perspective of Berto because as soon as he realized that his plan A in the fight was not succeeding, there was no mention or even hint of a plan B and it all went downhill from there.

Credit has to be given to Floyd for landing 57% of his punches while limiting Berto to a 17% success rate.

On the 13th of January 2022, Roots of Combat, an account on Twitter, put up a video from the fight showing that Mayweather was easily more than the defensive boxer that some people claim he is.

In the video, ‘Money’ is seen throwing punches at his opponent who is so desperately trying to defend and block but is failing due to the sheer punching power on display from Mayweather.

Some comments from the video seemed to agree with the display with someone saying: “PhD in boxing”, while another person got hyped up and said: “Give credit to Berto for taking those punches”

During the fight, Money also opened up to deliver punishments to his opponent landing a number of left and right hooks along with some uppercuts that caused damage in Round 5,8 and 11.

The one-sided display was almost sad and Mayweather seemed happy for the match to reach a decision rather than flatly knocking out his opponent.

Mayweather came out of retirement later in 2017 to beat Conor McGregor for his 50-0 record.

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