MMA news: Intergender bout causes chaos as fan breaks into Octagon to disrupt fight

Intergender MMA fight

An intergender MMA fight featuring a plus-size model and an adult film star ended in crazy circumstances after a fan entered the Octagon to disrupt the contest.

Russian promotion Epic Fighting Championship put on the controversial bout, which saw Alexander Pistoletov take on Sasha Mamaha in an amateur exhibition fight.

Mamaha appeared to have control in the early exchanges but the bizarre contest went all the way to the third and final round –– where chaos then ensued.

Pistoletov trapped Mamaha in a headlock and appeared to be close to forcing the blogger into submission.

However, a man from the crowd forced his way inside the Octagon and proceeded to try and attack Pistoletov.



The referee manages to stop the intruder in mid-air after they attempted to jump and ‘kung-fu kick’ the Russian fighter before more security arrived to wrestle him to the ground.

According to Twitter user ‘@Matysek88’, the man who interrupted the contest was actually a friend of Mamaha, who was seemingly doing all in his power to stop her from losing the fight.

If that was his intention, then it somehow worked. Once the fight re-started, Pistoletov managed to secure a submission but Mamaha’s team disputed the decision.

It was eventually agreed that the two would contest a fourth round, where Mamaha then claimed a points decision victory.

Unsurprisingly, fans were baffled by the fight and many took to social media to voice their opinions.

One Twitter user wrote: “I have so many questions and I don’t know [if] I want them answered.”

Meanwhile, another put: “What on earth is this? Why is there a plus-size blogger fighting a man?”

A third echoed this sentiment, and joked: “Sometimes it’s good to remind yourself that there are promotions lower than Bellator.”

Despite the shock reactions of many online, this isn’t the first time intergender MMA bouts have occurred of late.

A fight held by Polish promotion MMA-VIP3 made headlines last year when female fighter Ula Siekacz was badly beaten by Piotr ‘Mua Boy’ Lisowski, who secured a brutal second-round knockout.

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