Nightingale: Release Date, Mobile Game, Gacha and Everything You Need to Know

Here's everything you need to know about Nightingale

Nightingale is an upcoming mobile game developed by Bilibili games that is apparently set to have a theme of "science fiction x alien power."

Information on the new gacha game is sparse, however, we do have some tidbits of the new title that will get players excited for what may well be coming.

Here's everything you need to know about Nightingale, including the potential release date, features of the mobile game, gacha mechanic and more.

Release Date

Right now, there is not an official release date for the new mobile game. Players can however sign up for pre-registration on both Android and iOS via Tap Tap, which is definitely worth doing if you're considering playing the upcoming gacha release.


Mobile Game

As noted, Nightingale will be a mobile game with an initial release on both Android and iOS. Whilst we do not have any further information on what the system requirements will be for the game, it does appear as though it will have an impressive graphical base, meaning that players will likely need to have newer generations of mobile handsets.

Here is the synopsis for the story of Nightingale:

"More than 200 years ago, a group of immigrants drifting in space descended on this planet, and human beings once again set foot on the long-lost land, and the civilization from Earth rapidly multiplied and revived on this ancient land.

"When people began to get used to it, and even to call themselves the masters of the planet, the 'black tide' spread out from the depths of the earth.

"It has no physical form, but it is real. It comes like a natural disaster, destroying cities, tearing up the earth, and neither humans nor data can escape its infection and erosion; it is also like a living organism with its own consciousness, chasing after the traces of civilization, forcing humans back from the earth to an island-like coordinate city.

"In order to deal with the threat of the Eclipsing Tide, the giant corporation Libit in the 9th coordinate city of Uralia has set up a special security countermeasure organization, the Nightingale.

"You are the approval officer assigned to the Nightingale by Libit, and you will lead the girls with various types of winged bodies to investigate the events caused by the tidal wave and find out the truth behind the natural disaster."



Nightingale will be a gatcha based game when it is finally released on mobile. According to reports, the game will be a strategy RPG, akin to the likes of X-Com.

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