Eversoul: Everything That We Know About the Game So Far

Here's everything you need to know about Eversoul

Eversoul is an upcoming mobile game created by South Korea-based publisher Kakao Games, and we’ve got everything you need to know about the new title.

The new title will have gacha and collectable elements, so this could be a great new title for fans of the likes of Pokemon or Genshin Impact.

Mobile RPG titles are absolutely exploding in popularity, and there’s a chance that Eversoul could leap to the top of the pile when it is finally released.

Here’s everything you need to know about Eversoul, including the potential release date, gameplay for the new title and more.

Potential Release Date

Kakao Games confirmed back in November 2021 that they would be launching Eversoul globally in 2022.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have an availability date beyond just 2022, so the game could be launched at any time this year.

The collectable mobile RPG was showcased back at the G-STAR 2021 video games trade show in South Korea, where it was confirmed that the game would be coming in this calendar year.

We will update this page as and when Kakoa Games confirms what the official global release date for Eversoul will be!



The exact gameplay style for the new title has not been officially confirmed by the developers, but the trailer for the game does appear to give away some clues.

We know that it will have elemental features and have an RPG-like growth system, and it appears as though there will be a turn-based or strategy element to the new release.

We do know that Dungeon crawling will be a major feature of the game, and the title will apparently incorporate roguelike systems and mechanics for players to get stuck into.

We will update this page as and when Kakao Games confirms more information on the gameplay for Eversoul!


As noted, the game will have a collectable element to it, with players being able to capture Spirits as they progress through the new mobile title.

The developers confirmed the following with regards to the Spirit system:

“In addition to the basic elements of combat, there is also a love system that allows players to develop feelings for their characters, a romance system, and a system for managing their territories.

“After thorough preparations, Kakao Games announced that the original Soul Artifact will be renamed Eversoul, meaning the eternal soul that has endured through the years.

“In the visuals released, players can identify many beautiful female elven characters and feel the mysterious atmosphere of Eversoul. Kakao Games also plans to disclose related information in the future.”

We will update this page as and when Kakao Games confirms more information on the collectable elements of Eversoul!

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