AEW Rampage Results: Jurassic Express retain in hard hitting main event

This episode of Rampage saw an action-packed card featuring Adam Cole in action against Trent Beretta, a huge six-women tag team match and the AEW Tag Team Championships were on the line in a huge main event.

Adam Cole def Trent Beretta-

The feud between Adam Cole’s “super faction” and The Best Friends continued as Adam Cole and Trent Beretta went one-on-one in what can only be described as a grudge match.

From the get-go, Cole focused his attack on the surgically repaired neck of Trent. From headlocks to sickening Irish whips into the turnbuckle, it was clear what Cole’s game plan was in this contest.

However, as the match progressed there was a huge shift of momentum as Trent would hit Cole with a devastating piledriver onto the ring apron.

Trent would continue to pile on the pressure and shock Cole by reversing a Panama Sunrise attempt and dropping him with a Ground Zero and to the disbelief of Best Friends at ringside, Cole breaks the count by the skin of his teeth by getting a foot on the rope.

In the closing moments, a brawl would ensue on the outside, allowing Cole to capitalise as the referee was distracted and hit a low blow on Trent, before following up with the boom to pick up another victory.

Shawn Spears def Andrew Everett

Spears was going into this match looking to pick up momentum, as he goes one-on-one with CM Punk on Dynamite.

As the bell rings the two men lock up before Spears almost instantly escapes and then proceeds to taunt Everett.

Everett then tries to answer back with a reversal over the top rope from an attempted Irish whip, but as he sets up for a springboard lariat Spears catches him and drops him with an explosive C4 picking up a quick victory.

Post-match saw Spears take to the mic and question CM Punk and his title of “Best In The World”. He continues to explain his experience and accolade, comparing himself to Wardlow and sending a warning to Punk for when they collide next week.

Nyla Rose, Penelope Ford, The Bunny def Kris Statlander, Red Velvet, and Leyla Hirsch.

Kris Statlander and Leyla Hirsch were looking to get on the same page as they teamed with Red Velvet who was going up against three women who are all in cohesion.

Almost instantly in the match, there is confusion between Statlander and Hirsch as Hirsch tags herself in so that she can start the match rather than her partner.

As the match progresses, each member of both teams showed glimpses of momentum with a series of good tag team manoeuvres from Statlander and Hirsch who seemed to be working well with Velvet but not each other.

In the closing moments, Rose attempts a running senton which is avoided by Velvet before she makes a last gasp tag to a fired-up Statlander who takes out every member of the opposing team with a series of lariats and combos of attributes before planting ford with a picture-perfect gord buster.

Statlander would continue to pile on the pressure and set up for the finish Hirsch would again tag herself in instigating a pushing battle between the two teammates.

This allows The Bunny to take advantage, pushing a distracted Hirsch into Statlander and rolling her up to pick up the victory.

Jurassic Express def Alex Reynolds and John Silver- AEW World Tag Team Championship match.

The new champions, Jurassic Express were going into this bout looking to keep up their impressive momentum since appointing Christian Cage as their manager. However, the challengers, Silver, and Reynolds were hungry as they looked to follow suit from close friend AEW World Champion, Hangman Adam Page, and bring gold to The Dark Order.


Both teams weren’t holding back as they showcased a diverse display of technical athleticism and power from the get-go.

As the match progressed, the momentum would shift back and forth as both teams showcased an array of beautifully executed tag team manoeuvres.

The closing moments of the match saw Reynolds, Silver, and Jungle Boy battling on the top turnbuckle. Luchasaurus showcased an unreal level of strength by dropping the three men with a brutal avalanche powerbomb-like move.

However, the titles change hands as Reynolds and Silver came very close after planting Jungle Boy with a beautiful combo of stiff lariats that saw Jungle Boy only just kick out by the skin of his teeth.

Jungle Boy would proceed to hit Reynolds with an assisted cutter followed up with a tope suicida to Silver to the outside as Luchasaurus picks up the victory, retaining the titles. 

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