Jake Paul: Footage of YouTuber being beaten up and submitted in an MMA fight re-emerges


Jake Paul, a YouTuber, a boxer and now a mixed martial artist? Well, that seems to be his next objective.

The 24-year-old, who has only been fighting for two years, has recently claimed that he could embarrass Conor McGregor and multiple other UFC champions.

Paul has risen rapidly in the fighting world and boasts his 5-0 record after beating several ex-UFC fighters, including Tyron Woodley, who he has beaten twice! But this year, he is looking to make the switch from the boxing ring to the MMA cage.

However, a video from 2017 has emerged showing Paul being submitted by featherweight AJ Agazarm. His only taste of MMA was his high school wrestling tournaments so surely his lack of experience will surely get the better of him.

The fight was very disappointing for Paul’s fans and surely left them with very little hope.

His opponent dominated throughout and destroyed him on the ground forcing Paul to tap out. The original video, which was posted on his own channel, has since been deleted.


However, Paul is bound to bring in a lot of support as he has accumulated over 20 million subscribers on YouTube, 18 million followers on Instagram and 4 million followers on Twitter. He recently tweeted stating that he is the: “Highest paid athlete under 25”.

Paul’s following and even bigger ego is guaranteed to bring a lot of attention to whoever he fights.

It is yet to be decided who that might be, but with him calling out some of the biggest names like Conor McGregor, he could end up fighting anyone.

One of his previous opponents, Ben Askren, who is a former UFC fighter, underestimated Paul’s abilities and lost via TKO 2 minutes into the first round. This shows that Paul is no easy fight despite his lack of experience.

Obviously, he will be much better prepared for his professional debut MMA fight compared to his sparring video with AJ Agazarm as he was filmed eating donuts in between rounds.

His boxing career has shown he has a very powerful strike on him but with no recent videos of the other required skills needed in MMA, it leaves an air of mystery around how his next fight will play out.

The American YouTuber has to be respected as he keeps pushing himself onto the next level, but is this one step too far for him?

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