UFC legend Vitor Belfort once dropped TikTok boxing star Bryce Hall with vicious shot


During last summer, the world of Tiktok witnessed one of the app’s famed stars, Bryce Hall, get dropped to the canvas during a sparring session with former UFC champion Vitor Belfort.

Hall had just received a loss to YouTuber Austin McBroom during the Youtube versus TikTok boxing event and was looking to improve his skills.

He visited Vitor Belfort for a sparring session, so he could learn where he could improve technique from the former light heavyweight and heavyweight UFC champion.

In the clip, it shows Belfort cornering the young social media star and dealing a huge body blow, leading to Hall wanting to take a breather.

The video then cuts to another clip where Belfort is once again working Hall into a corner before dealing a jaw shot, resulting in the star to drop to his knees on the canvas as the spotter for the spar starts a countdown.

Since that clip, Hall has been looking for a new challenge and is on the quest to find his next boxing opponent.

The caveat of this appears to be that not much has been said regarding who is most likely to engage with Hall, with the concept of social media stars getting into the ring not generating as much interest as it did a couple of years ago (unless your name is Jake Paul).

As for Belfort, his original fight which was set to take place in September of 2021 against Oscar De La Hoya was cancelled after De La Hoya contracted Covid-19.

In response it was announced that Evander Holyfield (yes, the former World Heavyweight champion) would step into the ring.


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The result of the exhibition was quite a surprise to some but given the greater athleticism of “The Phenom”, in hindsight it was no shock to the fighting world that Belfort won via a technical knock-out.

It will be interesting to see what these two different types of people will get up to in 2022.

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