League of Legends: Top 10 Highest Win Rate Junglers (Bronze)


Being probably the most important role in League of Legends, having good knowledge of the game is very key to doing well, however, in lower elo’s you often will see Champions that once they get a couple kills will take over and carry the game.

Everyone wants to be the best they can be in League of Legends and it’s always advised that you should pick 2-3 Champions in your main role and just get very good at them.

So here is the list of the Highest Win Rate champions in Bronze Jungle:

(10) Mordekaiser


Mordekaiser seems to be a lot less popular in Bronze in the Jungle and this might be the fact that he isn’t really played there, his win rate is 51.75% but his ban rate is extremely high considering at 11.1%. He doesn’t do too well against Trundle, Diana, and Lillia, but he does do well against Shyvana, Olaf, and Qiyana.

(9) Warwick


Warwick is another Champion that dropped down a lot compared to Iron. His win rate is 51.85%, but he is the second-highest picked champion with a 17% ban rate, Warwick, however, seems to do badly against Amumu, Trundle, and Lillia. But he does do well against Qiyana, Rengar, and Rek’Sai.

(8) Lillia


Lillia is a lot more popular compared to Iron and has a good win rate of 52.14% with a tiny ban rate of 1%. She does poorly against Master Yi, Diana, and Zac, however, does well against Qiyana, Evelynn, and Jax.

(7) Diana


Diana is far more popular in Bronze her win rate is 52.18% and has only got a 4% ban rate. She does badly against the like of Shyvana, Amumu, and Master Yi. However, she does very well against Qiyana, Rengar, and Rek’Sai.

(6) Vi


Vi is the 4th highest picked champion on this list and her win rate is also very good with 52.37%, with only a 4.1% ban rate. She seems to struggle a lot against Amumu, Lillia, and Trundle. Vi does well against Lee Sin, Nidalee, and Rengar.

(5) Master Yi

Master Yi

This Champion is picked almost twice as much as the second-highest champion on this list and his ban rates are close to 50% at 48.2%, despite that his win rate is very high at 52.72%. He has a hard time against Rammus, Amumu, and Trundle. But he does extremely well against Rengar, Nidalee, and Olaf.

(4) Rammus


Rammus has a 53.45% win rate and is rarely banned at 3.6%, however he is not picked quite as often as the others previously listed here. He struggles against Trundle, Lillia, and Amumu. However, he does do well against Rengar, Rek’Sai, and Zed.

(3) Zac


Zac has a very good win rate of 53.49% but a very low ban rate of 0.8% the lowest on this list, he does badly against Rammus, Lillia, and Amumu. Rammus does very well against Rengar, Rek’Sai, and Zed.

(2) Amumu


Amumu is the second on this list narrowly missing out on first by 13% his win rate is 54.06% and he is banned 2.5% of the time. He does badly against Zac, Lillia, and Trundle, but he does great against Rek’Sai, Qiyana, and Rengar.

(1) Trundle


Once again Trundle makes number one on the list for best Jungler just like he did in Iron. His win rate is 54.19% and his ban rate is 4%, and just like Amumu he seems to do badly against Zac, Lillia, he also seems to do badly against Amumu which is odd as Amumu also does bad against Trundle, however, Trundle does well against Nidalee, Olaf, and Rek’Sai.


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