League of Legends: Top 10 Highest Win Rate Champions in Top Lane (Bronze)


League of Legends has multiple tier levels as we bring you the Champions with the highest win rate from the Top Lane.

It’s time to cover Bronze Elo, This was the original bottom Rank that you could be in, and a lot of the time you would find that some players did have some knowledge on how to play well and how to play their champions but were hindered by having bad internet or having a bad pc

Bronze Elo is the Rank that makes up the majority of the player base, and the sample size for champions will be much bigger and a lot easier to show who is the best champions better.

Top Lane is generally seen as a lone wolf style of play, you farm up, you push towers and try to break into the enemy base and cause pressure on the other side of the map so that your team can do other objectives.

Here is the Top 10 Top Laners with the best Win Rates in Bronze:

(10) Shen


Shen is a very solid champion his kit is great for 1v1s but he is also really good in team fights, and this might explain his 51.86% win rate.

However, his ban rate is very low at 1%, Shen seems to struggle against champions like Urgot, Cho’Gath, and Dr Mundo, but he does well against Riven, Sylas, and Irelia.

(9) Teemo


Teemo is one of the many S+ Champions in this lane his 52.06% win rate and extremely high ban rate at 28.4% shows how successful he is in this elo, he tends to struggle with Yorick, Sion, and Dr Mundo, but he does well against Vayne, Sylas, and Renekton.

(8) Trundle


He is an incredibly good champion 1v1, and his Win rate proves this at 52.08%, however despite a good pick rate his ban rate is very low at 4%, he does badly against Malphite, Kennen, and Sion, but very well against Gangplank, Riven, and Gwen.

(7) Sion


He has a similar win rate as the previous two on this list but just edges them out with 52.08% however unlike the other two he is rarely banned with only a 0.4% ban rate.

Sion seems to struggle against Yorick, Singed, and Dr Mundo. However, he performs very well in Kennen, Gangplank, and Wukong.

(6) Lillia


Perhaps a surprising one in the top lane, and the one with the lowest pick rate she has a 52.45% win rate and a tiny 1% ban rate.

Lillia does badly into Kennen, Urgot and Gnar, but she does very well against Wukong, Illaoi, and Kled.

(5) Garen


He is one of the 5 S+ champions in the top 5 and has forever been a favourite in lower elo, his win rate is 52.64% and his ban rate is only 4.8% despite being picked the second most on this list. Garen tends to do badly against Yorick, Sion, and Mordekaiser, but he does very well into Riven, Sylas, and Renekton. He is worth picking up if you are a Top-Laner in Bronze.

(4) Nasus


Nasus has always been a champion that many players like to pick just to see how many stacks they can get, but this is exactly why so many players keep playing him and why he keeps getting high win rates despite the occasional huge buff to his Q.

His win rate in the top lane for Bronze is 53.35% but he is also the second-highest banned Champion in this top 10 at 8.3%. Nasus has seemingly been struggling against Trundle, Yorick, and Garen, but he has been doing well against Kennen, Heimerdinger, and Kled.

(3) Urgot 


Urgot is a very good champion throughout all ranks, a great split pusher and if he is fed can be very hard to stop, his win rate is 53.65% with a lower ban at 4.7%, however, if you want to stop this monster try playing Dr Mundo, Trundle, or Nasus. But do avoid Sylas, Jayce, and Akali.

(2) Dr Mundo

Dr Mundo

Number 2 on the list, Dr Mundo after his recent change has been seeing a lot more play, and he has become quite a force to be reckoned with, his 54.50% win rate is huge, and whilst being an S+ Champion his ban rate is only 6.6% he struggles against Yorick, Nasus and Illaoi, but he excels against Riven, Renekton, and Gangplank.

(1) Yorick


Last but most certainly not least is the best Top Lane Champion in Bronze right now Yorick. His 55.81% win rate is miles above the others.

He is an S+ Champion with one of the lowest ban rates at 4.1% on this list, he tends to struggle against Trundle, Shen, and Urgot. If you are looking to dethrone him, however, if you try to play Vayne, Kennen or Renekton against him. Be warned – it might not go too well.


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