League of Legends Update 12.2: Top 10 Highest Win Rate ADC Champions (Iron)


The Role of ADC is quite different in League of Legends and the reason for this is because almost all of the champions in this role can be very good in their own way, this might also be the fact that there aren’t quite as many in this position as other roles.

However, some are far better than others and this can often be shown in this list.

The Role ADC is usually a marksman but can sometimes be a mage or even a Bruiser depending on certain meta’s however not a very common one.

Below is the list of the ADC’s with the Highest Win Rates in Iron:

(10) Akshan


The newest Champion and his strength is the reason he makes this top 10 with a 50.45% win rate he has the 4th highest ban rate at 9.2%, he seems to do worse vs Sivir, Kalista, and Vayne but is good against Teemo, Yasuo and Ziggs.

(9) Aphelios


Aphelios has always been a good Marksman with his extremely versatile kit his win rate of 50.60% shows for it, he, however, has a very low ban rate of 2.1% he seems to do worse against Varus, Ziggs, and Kog’maw but very well against Vayne, Lucian and Kalista.

(8) Jhin


Jhin is a favourite of the League of Legends player base, his win rate is a solid 50.73% with the 3rd highest ban rate on this list of 11.9% he struggles against Akshan, Teemo, and Draven but does well against Varus, Vayne, and Lucian.

(7) Kog’Maw


The Void Creature is number 7 on this list his win rate is 51.18% and his ban rate is 0.7%. He struggles against Veigar, Kalista, and Draven. But he does good vs Sivir, Lucian, and Tristana.

(6) Yasuo


Arguably one of the most hated champions in the game.

Yasuo has a 51.23% win rate and a massive 34.3% ban rate which just shows how disliked he is, he seems to do badly against Miss Fortune, Kog’maw, and Ziggs which is surprising due to their lack of mobility. And he does very well against Ezreal, Twitch, and Sivir.

(5) Kalista


Number 5 on this List is Kalista she has a 51.29% win rate and a tiny 0.6% ban rate, she does badly against Sivir, Lucian, and Varus. But performs well against Kog’Maw, Xayah, and Kai’sa.

(4) Ziggs


The First Mage on this list, Ziggs over the last few years recently adopted the bottom lane as his main lane mainly as other mages are better than he is but also because of his tower-destroying abilities.

His win rate is 51.60% and his ban rate is a low 1.4% his struggles come against Akshan, Vayne, and Lucian. But he does very well against Twitch, Tristana, and Xayah.

(3) Sivir


Sivir the Queen of farming and late game.

She is extremely good at delaying games due to her Q and W being able to quickly destroy waves, her win rate is 52.17% and this might be because League of Legends games has been leaning more towards the late game recently.

Her ban rate is low at 2.2% she struggles against Kog’maw who is also very good lately, as well as Draven and Yasuo both being good at killing her, she is very good against Akshan, Vayne, and Kalista.

(2) Draven


The second best Champion on this list is Draven, his win rate is a sudden jump from the previous ones on this list at 53.23% and his ban rate is 6.4%.

He seems to struggle against Veigar, Lucian, and Kalista, but he does very well vs Kog’Maw, Xayah, and Twitch.

(1) Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

The number one on this List and the Queen of Bot lane is Miss Fortune.

Her player base is almost higher than all of the others on this list combined and her win rate is a very good 53.56%, and her Ban Rate is the second-highest.

Iron Players love her, however, she does badly against Twitch, Draven, and Akshan, but strong against, Yasuo, Ziggs and Varus.


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