Conor McGregor: Henry Cejudo's 2016 tweet about Notorious re-emerges after recent spat


Henry Cejudo’s Twitter is a proper spectacle these days and nothing comes close, not The Ashes, not the Premier League, not Gary Neville’s rants about Arsenal. Nothing.

Cejudo’s been notorious on Twitter of late, having one dig after another at none other than Conor McGregor, a man who also likes to take to social media from time to time to spice things up a little.

It actually began with The Notorious calling Cejudo a “a little fart” and obviously the American was never going to take that well or take it sitting down.

He first responded to the now-deleted tweet with a side-by-side comparison of McGregor’s defeat at the hands of Khabib Nurmagomedov and his win over Dominick Cruz at UFC 249 with a rather interesting comparison.

It read: “Double chump double champ.”


It didn’t end there. Cejudo once again responded with another classic: “What do you know about farting? You always run out of gas.”


Ali Abdelaziz then thought it was a good idea to jump into the conversation.

Responding to Cejudo’s comparison tweet, he wrote: “@TheNotoriousMMA It’s not even qualify to shine your shoes He have a chicken heart.”

Cejudo then came back with another ruthless rejoinder.

“He wouldn’t even finish shining my size 5 1/2 shoe because he would gas out.”


That is some form, and that is some hatred for McGregor, who Cejudo once referred to as as the “greatest of all time.” That’s right. We ain’t joking.

In a tweet posted in 2016, he wrote: “@thenotoriousmma walks his talk. #greatestofalltime”


How the opinions have changed.

Speaking of changes, Cejudo’s mind has changed, too. He has been looking to come out of retirement for a title shot against Alexander Volkanovski in the featherweight division.



In a nutshell, he is not just looking to come out of retirement at will, but also looking for a title shot in a different weight class.

Good luck trying to convince Dana White.

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