Gymshark athlete goes viral for thanking man who didn’t stare at her squatting in gym

Gymshark athlete

A fitness athlete has gone viral after praising a man for not staring at her while she was working out at the gym.

Libby Christensen, a Gymshark ambassador and TikTok creator with over 340,000 Instagram followers, was filming herself doing squat exercises for a video.

Behind her, a man can be seen looking at the floor, before proceeding to start a workout of his own.

Christensen posted the video to her TikTok on January 1st and the short clip has now been viewed more than six million times.

The caption reads: “I just need to shout out this man who was behind me while I was hack squatting because I was so uncomfy that I was being stared down but very thankful that my booty was not his focus. Watched this back [and] felt at ease.”



So far, the video has received more than 13,000 comments, with many users quick to praise the man for his behaviour.

“That’s called the ‘ah yes the floor is made of floor’”, joked one fan.

Meanwhile, another wrote: “I always appreciate when they do this. I always notice too like thanks for not making me uncomfortable lol.”

Others explained how they didn’t want to make men feel uncomfortable in these types of situations either, so tried to start sets at the same time as them.

“Anytime I’m in this situation I always try to start my set the same time he does so I don’t make him uncomfortable,” someone stressed.

Christensen admitted this is what she did and responded to the comment by saying: “I think [he] and I were trying to do the exact same thing, which is how we got this result.”

The Gymshark athlete is not the first woman to share her experiences with men at the gym.

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Last year, Chelsea Gleason was recording her workout routine when a man approached her and leaned in to talk.

Gleason reacted by moving away and shouting “Don’t come near me,” which prompted the man to leave.

Gymshark saw the video and praised Gleason for her handling of the situation and said they were proud of her “sticking up for herself.”

Since the incident, Gleason has revealed the man in question has been identified and banned from the gym.

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