Tom Brady: NFL Playoff Performance Reaction After Tampa Bay Buccaneers Beat Philadelphia Eagles


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were able to keep their hopes of retaining the Super Bowl after they defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 31-15 in a dominant victory.

The Bucs are amongst the favourites to lift the Vince Lombardi trophy this season, although that is perhaps no real surprise as Tom Brady continues to mature like a fine wine and only seemingly get better as the years pass by.

In fact, perhaps one stat to have been highlighted by ESPN’s SportsCenter’s Twitter account sums it up best, as they revealed that he has spent more than a year of his life in the postseason.

The 44-year-old continued to put up the kind of numbers we would expect the legendary quarterback to achieve, as he made 29 completions from 37 pass attempts, making 271 passing yards and two touchdowns, without an interception.

In the process, TB12 became the only QB to win a playoff rematch to a team that he previously lost to in the Super Bowl on the fifth occasion that it has happened. Furthermore, he continues to wow fans with his statistics in the playoffs.

As detailed by Tom Brady Facts on Twitter, he moved to 35-11 in the postseason, where he has won 17 of his last 20 playoff games and is currently 5-0 in the playoffs with Tampa Bay, whilst his offense has scored 30+ points in all 5 games.

He was not the only Buc to make history on the day, as wide receiver Mike Evans set a club franchise record with nine catches that totalled 117 yards and a TD.


When looking at social media 24 hours removed from the game, it would seem that many are continuing to back the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as one of the favourites to win the Super Bowl when played on February 13 at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California.

Fox Sports TV personality Skip Bayless tweeted: “Offense, defense, special teams – this is still the best team”, thus suggesting that he would find it difficult for any team to beat the Florida-based organisation.

However, many were not that impressed by the NFL’s decision to have this game played, with some stating that it was clear the outcome was going to happen and that the game was “pointless“, whilst one even stated that it had big “This could have been an email” energy.


Others, though, used the game to continue to highlight how good Brady is, with some stating that he is the GOAT, whilst Tanya Ray Fox stated that “Tom Brady is making other team sport GOATs look kinda lame at this point”.

It would certainly be hard to disagree with her currently…

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