Dallas Cowboys: Jerry Jones & NFL personalities go heavy on Dak Prescott and team


The Dallas Cowboys will have been hoping that this year would have been their year, however the NFC East Champions were left frustrated after being beaten 23-17 to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

The two teams have a historic rivalry and one that much of the NFL would have been highly anticipating, even if they did not like the two franchises.

For others, it certainly appeared to be the highlight of the Wild Card playoffs, especially if Fox Sports’ colour commentator Troy Aikman’s comments were anything to go by as he appeared jealous that they did not get the game. Perhaps, though, the reason was simply that he was a former Dallas quarterback?

Nonetheless, he will likely have been happy not to have been at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on the day as the Cowboys looked nowhere near good enough as the organisation struggled against the 49ers.

Fans were captured at the end of the game throwing objects at the team, although some have suggested it was towards the officials rather than the players, whilst owner Jerry Jones also provided his own harsh criticisms on the team; he is, though, known to be rather outspoken.

He stated via PFF: “When you get this combination of players together, you need to have success”.


Indeed, many weighed in on Dak Prescott and his performance in the middle, with the QB having come in for a lot of stick on social media following the defeat.

Prescott has had an exceptional year as he fought back from a devastating injury last season, although it seems he appears to crumble when it comes to the playoffs. He has a 1-3 record and many pointed to his $40 million contract and highlight that he needs to perform.

Colin Cowherd was critical of the QB on his Fox Sports’ show “The Herd”, whilst ESPN’s Paul Hembekides highlighted how Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen are on a similar salary and had performed a whole lot better than Prescott.


Shannon Sharpe mentioned that “Dak Prescott is too rollercoaster” whilst also slamming the QB for condoning the fans throwing trash at the officials, something Skip Bayless also mentioned and stated: “That was just so wrong. You’re the face of the franchise, you make $75M and you’re condoning fan violence? It was stunning to me.”

Bayless would also go on to mention that “my $75M a year QB looked like he deserved $7.50 an hour,” thus just highlighting how many were so disappointed with what they had seen from him.

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