Max Verstappen: Mario Andretti issues warning to Lewis Hamilton et al. over Dutchman for 2022

max verstappen

Lewis Hamilton and any other title hopefuls in 2022 had better be warned, as Mario Andretti feels we could see an even better Max Verstappen this coming Formula 1 season, now the Dutchman is a world champion.

Verstappen and Hamilton played out a title fight for the ages over the course of the 2021 season with it going down, now infamously, to the very final lap of the campaign.

It was Verstappen, of course, who emerged victorious to take his maiden title and, now he has that pressure of becoming a world champion off of his back, former title winner Andretti feels a more ‘relaxed’ Red Bull star could be even harder to beat this coming campaign.

Speaking to Racing News 365, Andretti said:

“You can say all you want, but once you accomplish your ultimate goal, a lot of pressure’s off your shoulders.

“There’s no better situation than being more relaxed. Sometimes, when you’re in that frame of mind, you just do things even better.

“He’s in a very good place. He fought so hard [for the title] and now he probably relishes to try to repeat it. That’s what drives you, that’s what keeps you motivated. But at least he has that one under his belt, which is huge.


“I can only express what my thoughts were on a situation like that, when you accomplish something that’s your ultimate goal. When you finally do it, oh my goodness, from there on things are all better!”

Throughout the campaign, Verstappen cut a pretty calm figure when asked about his title chances and the prospect of sealing his first championship at the age of 24.

Indeed, he maintained that whatever the result was at the end of the season it would not change his life, which in many ways is a good perspective to have.

Undoubtedly, though, the relief he will have felt to have won the crown after the season he had will be huge, and Andretti could well be spot on in us seeing an even stronger Max in 2022.

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