League of Legends: Updates to Mythic Content and Event Passes Revealed

League of Legends

Every year in League of Legends, Riot Games set out a plan for the year on what they want/plan to release to the game regarding skins and events.

This time around, thanks to Bellissimoh, we can see exactly what Riot has in mind.

League of Legends players are always excited to see what new skins and updates are coming to the game so this is the perfect chance to see this:

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Mythic Content and Event Passes

Riot has listened to League of Legends players and they will be making a new Event Pass that will make it easier to follow progress and rewards. This system will be the same as before, play Games and complete Missions to progress.

You can collect Emotes, Loot, and Essences. Players will be able to convert Tokens for Chromas and Prestige Skins.

Hextech, Prestige, and Gemstone Skins to be revamped:

Gemstones and Prestige points will be replaced by Mythic Essence, you will be able to find these in the same places as its predecessor, however Mythic Essence will never expire.

Gemstones and Prestige points will be retired with the release of Mythic Essence, Gemstones will be converted to Mythic Essence once they are released.

Mythic Shop

Once the Mythic shop airs, the shop will rotate, with different types of ‘goodies’ as well as featuring two main types of skins.
Riot has also said that Hextech skins are not hitting the mark and will be introducing Seasonal Mythics, these Seasonal Mythics will be starting with the Ashen Knights line.

Prestige Skins

There will be a chance to unlock past Prestige Skins, as each month there will be a set of unvaulted Prestige Skins coming back, as well as newer Prestige Skins being able to buy after a year of them being in the game.

Players will also be able to buy the 2018-2019 Prestige Skins, while the OG owners will receive a free updated version of the skin.

It was added that Riot was getting a lot of complaints about Prestige Skins just being a golden reskin of the originals, so future Prestige Skins will be getting Unique Splash Arts, new VFX and will be able to accessorize them.


As far as Loot goes, there will be a new Loot Milestone System, which will give players a Bonus Reward for opening a set amount of Loot and a repeatable track for opening Masterwork Chests. A one-time track for Events with an Exclusive Prestige Skin at the end will also be included.

Here is a visual look at the upcoming skins and events listed above:


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