Katie Taylor hoping 'career-defining year' starts with blockbuster Amanda Serrano bout

Boxing star Katie Taylor has revealed she hopes a 'career-defining' 2022 will start with a bout against Amanda Serrano

Boxing star Katie Taylor has revealed she hopes a “career-defining” 2022 will start with a bout against Amanda Serrano.

Taylor, the undisputed lightweight champion, is looking for her next challenge after defeating Firuza Sharipova in December.

She is eyeing up a clash against Serrano, who is signed up to Jake Paul’s promotion company Most Valuable Promotions.

Taylor has previously described a bout against Serrano as “the biggest fight in women’s boxing history”, and she reiterated her desire to come up against the Puerto Rican to ESPN.

“I think 2022 could potentially be the biggest year of my whole career, because of the opportunities I’ll have to be involved in the biggest fights that women’s boxing has seen,” she said.

“I don’t know the order my fights will go in for sure, but I know that the next fight has to be against Amanda Serrano. I would be hugely disappointed if it wasn’t.

“It feels like people have been talking about this Serrano fight for years now, and people are excited to finally see it happen.

“It’s obviously been scheduled to happen a couple of times previously and fallen through for whatever reasons on her side. But hopefully this time it does happen.”

The 35-year-old Irishwoman also discussed the growth of women’s boxing since she turned professional in 2016, when she signed with Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing.

Katie Taylor is the undisputed lightweight champion

“I told Hearn that I wanted to get women’s boxing to a place where the UFC already was at that time,” Taylor reminisced.

“Back then, Ronda Rousey was probably the biggest name in the UFC, and since then so many more female stars have emerged in MMA.

“Women’s professional boxing was still pretty much under the radar at that point, though. At the start of my pro career, every time I was fighting I felt like I had to prove myself, even to the people watching.

“And you’re thinking to yourself, ‘OK, are they looking at me as if this is a circus act, or are they going to treat me like a genuine fighter?’

“I wanted to be treated like a genuine fighter who just loves the sport and takes it very seriously, and thankfully we’re in a position now where I think a lot of the household names are actually female fighters. It’s remarkable.”

Serrano, the current unified featherweight champion, last fought Miriam Gutierrez on the undercard of Paul vs Tyron Woodley in December.

Gutierrez was left almost unrecognisable after taking 236 punches from a relentless Serrano.

The bout between Taylor and Serrano will reportedly be held at Madison Square Garden in April.

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