Greatest darts throw ever? Adrian Lewis completes 180 with no-look throw


Adrian Lewis has been involved in many great darts matches over the years, but one of his greatest came against Peter Manley at the 2006 PDC World Championship. 

To top it off, he threw one of the coolest throws in the history of the sport, providing one of the most ice cold moments in sporting folklore. 

In the match, Manley was wining two sets to one and in the current set they had won a leg each.

Manley threw and hit a maximum of 180, which was, of course, greeted with huge cheers from the crowd, as is every 180 thrown.

Lewis then stepped up himself to hopefully replicate what Manley had just done, and he didn’t just replicate, he blew his opponent out of the water with a moment of sheer cheek and brilliance.

His first two darts landed in triple 20 and so Lewis just needed one more in the triple bed to also hit the maximum. 

As Lewis threw his third dart, he turned his head around to the crowd, almost embracing his inner Roberto Firmino, despite doing it years before the Liverpool ace had done it.

The no-look shot from Lewis landed in triple 20 and the place lost its head once more. Absolutely superb and absolutely ice cold.

The two-time PDC champion was met with even bigger roars from the crowd behind him at the Circus Tavern in Essex. 

The match carried on, however, later saw some controversy when Lewis walked away from the game as he claimed that Manley would whisper things behind his back when he was throwing his darts. 



This might go down as one of the best matches in darts history, but Lewis’ no-look 180 will certainly go down as the best single dart in history.

Take. A. Bow!

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