The Rock vs Stone Cold WrestleMania 19: Dwayne Johnson's emotional final words to Steve Austin


An emotional goodbye from The Rock to Stone Cold ends years of rivalry.

They were two of Attitude Era’s most central and iconic Superstars and always gave fans what they wanted.

Clashing many a time in a heated rivalry that many WWE fans said was the greatest of all time, they never failed to produce on the performance front every single time they took to the ring and that is what made them so special.

In their last match together at WrestleMania 19, The Rock retired Stone Cold, and by doing so, ended his decade-long career on one of the biggest stages of them all.

For fans watching and everyone who was part of it, it was an emotional night, but more so for the two men that were central to the big stage. Who, despite their differences, shared a special moment in the ring.

The Rock covered The Texas Rattlesnake for the three count and before turning to celebrate in front of the crowd, shared some words with his longest-serving rival.

But it has taken plenty and plenty of years for him to reveal what he said to Stone Cold in the moment that their extraordinary rivalry came to an end.

Speaking on an Instagram live video back in 2020, The Rock said: “I hit him with three Rock Bottoms – I believe it was three Rock Bottoms – appropriately that’s what you need to beat The Rattlesnake.

You can actually see me as I sit up and he’s laying there – in front of everybody – and I whisper to him, ‘I thank you so much for everything that you have done for me.’

He also revealed the emotional moment they shared afterwards, with both wrestlers declaring their love for one another.

“I love you, and I heard him say, I love you, too,” The Rock revealed.



But it just goes to show that no matter the level of rivalry throughout the years, these two clearly have the utmost of respect for one another away from the ring and both have spoken highly of one another since stepping away from their role.

And, of course, for all fans and everybody watching, it was a touching moment to see between two of WWE’s most influential Superstars, to end their long-running rivalry on the big stage.

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