League of Legends: Champions and Skins expected in 2022

Here's everything you need to know about the Champions and Skins expected to be released in LoL 2022

With 2022 being underway, Riot Games have given us an update on what Champions might be receiving updates in League of Legends as well as Skin Lines coming our way.

There are many exciting new skin lines coming to the players of League of Legends, as well as revisiting old skins that looked like they had been forgotten.

Let’s take a look at what we should be expecting:

Champion Update

In 2022 the first Champion that we know to get an update will be Ahri, she is likely to receive a new visual, as well as an actual Recall seeing as her Old Model didn’t really have one, Riot have said this will be on the same level as Caitlyn.


1000 Day Club

The 1000 Day Club is often hugely joked about as many players of League of Legends joke about the champions that haven’t been given skins for over 1000 days! Well, Riot is aware of this and has been for a while now.

The developers have plans to give skins to champions who are in the 1000 Day Club, with the aim to remove them this year!

Here is a list of champions who will be getting skins, and are on Riot Games Radar:

League of Legends Champions getting skins in 2022 Confirmed

Gangplank – Who last received a Skin that is not a legacy skin back in august 2018 which was well over 1000 days ago, however, he did get a legacy skin after Worlds which he got in April 2020 over 600 days ago!

Fiddlesticks – Fiddlesticks last skin was November 2018 which was 1167 days ago.

Rek’sai – Rek’Sai hadn’t received a skin since the 5th March 2020, but has recently been given one at the start of this year, Maybe she will be given a new one later in the year.

Trundle – Trundle has not had a new skin for almost two years now.

Rell – Rell was released back in December 2020 with her release skin, but fear not, Riot has not forgotten her.

Orianna – She has not had a skin for 565 days, this going back to the summer of 2020.

Heimerdinger – He also hasn’t had a skin for 565 days, going back to the same event as Orianna.


Skins Themes Returning

2022 will see the return of a few favourites of League Players, this being:

  • High Noon
  • Star Guardian
  • Bees
  • A Vote for thematic between Infernal, Gothic, or Arclight

Forgotten Standalone

2022 will also be bringing out a theme that has only been seen once, ‘Battle Bunny’s’ this theme was originally seen with Riven, however, Riot Games have decided to make this its own theme with a Lore behind it.

Announced Skins coming in patch 12.2

  • Lunar Revel
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