Eddie Hall food eating challenge: The Beast destroyed by best female competitive eater


Former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall got rather embarrassed during an eating challenge with UK’s number one female competitive eater Leah Shutkever.

It’s an important ritual to Hall’s day-to-day life to stuff his face with thousands of calories to maintain his bulking physique, but The Beast met his match last year.

The pair faced off in Foster’s Fish and Chip shop, based in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

The competition they faced was a massive deep-fried fish, three slices of white bread, an abundance of chips with a bowl of mushy peas on the side.

Hall had faced Shutkever in a eating challenge before, having to eat three boxes of chicken, chips and coleslaw.

That original battle of food eating superpowers took 10 minutes and 32 seconds for Shutkever to win the challenge, while Hall still had essentially half the food left.

Two years later, they found themselves rivalling each other again in the ‘Male vs Whale’ challenge.

Both had the same tactical start, to crush as many chips as possible in between two slices of thick white bread, to essentially make a chip sandwich.

“When in doubt, I sandwich,” said Shutkever in her commentary of her YouTube video.

Two minutes and 45 seconds into the challenge, the 28-year-old explains the importance of squeezing lemon juice onto her food.

“Citrus definitely does help with cutting fat and cutting flavour fatigue.

“It was definitely good to have it there and a little bit of a secret weapon.”


Five minutes in, Hall is pretty clearly falling behind; the surface of the silver platter was becoming visible on Shutkever’s side.

And in under 12 minutes and 30 seconds, The Beast had been completely destroyed as Shutkever wiped her hands after devouring the last bit of food she had left.

The YouTuber was actually disappointed with her record.

“Actually a slower time than I thought, because it’s quite labour intensive picking up chips.



“Yes, I did say labour intensive as if this is a very difficult job,” she added sarcastically.

The owners of Foster’s Fish and Chips were so impressed, they decided to change the challenge name to ‘Female vs Whale’ instead.

Hall couldn’t finish his food, which is usually unheard of, but he still had heartbreak for dessert.

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