Darts: Bobby George's hilariously bizarre celebration after hitting a 180 has gone viral


Bobby George’s unique and hilarious celebration after scoring a maximum 180 has gone viral.

A video of the former professional darts player has been circling on Twitter following the growing popularity of the sport in recent months.

Old clips of Ted Hankey have gone viral with his weird and rude ways of playing darts that would give you a right laugh.

But the video of George might have topped any sort of celebration in the history of darts.

When Bobby Dazzler scored a 180 to follow up John Lowe’s 140, the Englishman walks up to the board, detaches a square hole off his golden, silky shirt and tenses his chest making his nipple bounce up and down in the process.

Yes, you’ve imagined it, so you now may as well have a look at the video itself in the tweet below.

The celebration even made ‘Old Stoneface’ Lowe crack a smile.

It’s attracted lots of attention and there are some hilarious comments under the original tweet.


George has never been one to shy away from the public eye, even at 76 years old he’s still known as one of the game’s biggest personalities.

When the Brit still played, he used to enter the stage bedecked in jewellery, wearing a crown and a cloak whilst Queen song ‘We Are the Champions’ would play.

It’s things like that which makes darts a great sport to go watch, being a part of the crowd is brilliant fun.

It’s basically you and friends, or family, go to a great big bar area where there will be a stage for the darts players to compete.



Now, it’s your choice to have too many drinks to forget the event or have just enough to still focus on the sport being played.

Nevertheless, you are intoxicated by the end, either from the atmosphere or the never-ending flow of alcohol entering your bloodstream.

Lately, darts videos have been going viral all over social media, with people hitting nine dart wins and erupting the jolly fans, creating unbelievable atmospheres in the process.

What a sport!

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