Eric Dier reflects on heated clash with Dele Alli in Spurs dressing room after Wolves loss in 2020

When Eric Dier and Dele Alli went at it in the Spurs dressing room

Eric Dier has reflected on his heated clash with teammate and good friend, Dele Alli, which was aired on Amazon Prime’s Documentary: ‘All or Nothing’.

On March 1, 2020, Tottenham welcomed Wolves to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for their Premier League clash.

Spurs led 2-1 at half-time but ended up losing 3-2, condemning the north London side to their third straight loss.

Dele was fuming after the game.

“How the f* did we lose that? It’s the f**** same every single game. They are the worst goals I have ever seen!” He said with fury.

That’s when Dier felt the need to challenge Dele.



“Del, why do you keep on saying these comments?” He fired back.

Alli replied: “Because nothing changes.”

Dier then said: “Well put a name on them, yeah?”

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Both players then got even more animated. Dier accused Dele of acting like a ‘spoilt kid’, with the latter insistent that the whole team was to blame rather than one individual.

Jose Mourinho sat down besides Dele and the rest of the team stayed silent as the two went back and forth. It made for a fascinating watch and you can view it below… (starts at 1:20)

Dier was asked about the incident by Jake Humphrey on the High Performance Podcast. Read a transcript of their chat below…

Humphrey: “When you, I think it was you, you all came in the dressing room and someone was being critical and was it you? You said, ‘Name names, name names.'”

Dier: “Yeah.”

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Humphrey: “And is that because you thought they were aiming that at you and you wanted them to front up and be totally honest, or did you think it was better for the group to just…”

Dier: “I just think it’s…”

Humphrey: “If you’ve got criticism, tell people?”

Dier: “Yeah, I just don’t like it if you’re just gonna be vague about it. I’m not really a screamer at all. I’m not very confrontational person, I just want people to be up front and if you have something to say at someone, say it. Don’t be vague about it.”

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