League of Legends ADC Win Rates (Bronze) 2022: Top 10 Rated Champions in the Game


A good ADC can make or break a game in League of Legends, but if you happen to have the better player in your team, you stand a very good chance of winning the match.

Many champions in the ADC role can completely take over the game, in this list below we will be looking at the champions that have the best Win Rates in 12.1 for Bronze Elo.

Top 10 Highest Win Rates

(10) Akshan


He is an incredibly strong champion in every rank and his win rate is a solid 50.33%. The Champion’s ban rate however is quite a bit higher than usual at 8.8%.

Akshan seems to struggle against Kog’Maw, Draven, and Vayne, however, he is a lot better up against the likes of Kalista, Xayah, and Tristana.

(9) Twitch


Twitch with the right pairing can be deadly, and very hard to deal with in-game. The Champion’s win rate is 50.43%, with his ban rate being 5.3%.

It’s worth noting that Twitch has an awful time against Yasuo, Ziggs, and Akshan.

If you want an easier matchup, then going up against Kalista, Varus, and Aphelios are a great option for Twitch.

(8) Kog’Maw


He is a super powerful champion in the late game, and with the right support next to him he can be terrifying.

His win rate is 51.02% whilst having a tiny 0.6% ban rate.

Kog’Maw doesn’t do very well against Ziggs, Yasuo, or Miss Fortune. However, he tends to do better against Kalista, Akshan, and Apehlios.

(7) Yasuo


He is one of the most hated champions in the game, as he has a long history of being a high damage threat to champions that are squishy, his win rate is 51.19%, and has a massive ban rate of 33.5%

Yasuo seems to have a hard time against Ziggs, Vayne, and Xayah, however does really well against Twitch, Kog’maw, and Draven.

(6) Sivir


The Queen of late-game with her insane ability to push out lanes and defend bases, she is often joked as the 400cs champion, her win rate is 51.21% with an almost non-existent ban rate of 1.6%.

Sivir struggles against Ziggs, Twitch, and Jhin. however, she does very well against Lucian, Caitlyn, and Xayah.

(5) Jhin


He is the second most played champion in Bronze, his win rate is 51.21% with a high rate of 11.1%.

Jhin struggles against Ziggs, Yasuo, and Vayne, however, he does really well against Xayah, Kalista, and Varus.

(4) Vayne


She is a late-game monster thanks to her passive on her W, she absolutely destroys tanks, and with a good player on her, she is unkillable. Her win rate and ban rate her evidence of this at 51.38% and 23.4% retrospectively.

Vayne doesn’t do very well against the likes of Miss Fortune, Ziggs, or Draven. But has better match-ups against Kalista, Varus, and Lucian.

(3) Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

The most popular champion in Bronze Elo in this role, she nearly has half a million matches, her win rate is 52.44% while having a low 8.9% ban rate.

If you want to stop her try playing Ziggs, Yasuo, and Jhin. however, if you are playing her you will have a great time against champions like Aphelios, Kalista, and Varus.

(2) Veigar


Originally only ever seen in the Mid Lane, he along with number one on this list are more than regularly seen in the Bottom Lane, and they have a great amount of success there.

Veigar has a high win rate of 53.70% while only having a 3.5% ban rate, he struggles a lot against Ziggs, Ezreal, and Sivir, while having more success against Kog’Maw, Tristana, and Lucian.

(1) Ziggs


The Best Champion in Bot Lane is Ziggs, as mentioned previously with Veigar, they are both Mid Lane Champions finding success in this role. His win rate is 53.83% with a tiny 1.1% ban rate the second-lowest on this list.

Ziggs really struggles against Vayne, Kalista, and Jhin, whilst having a great time against Aphelios, Kog’Maw, and Samira.


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