League of Legends: Top 10 Highest Win Rate Supports (Bronze)


The Partner to ADC in League of Legends, this role is the one that protects the team, they heal, they shield, and do many other things, not only that but they can also be a high damaging Assassin or a high damaging mage.

Good supports can carry their ADC, which in turn can carry your team into winning the game.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 Win Rate Supports in Bronze:

Top 10 Highest Win Rate Supports (Bronze)

(10) Sona


She can deal damage, slow, heal, shield, give movement speed, and she can stun, a Champion with everything in her kit, however, she is very easy to kill.

Sona makes this list at 10th her win rate is 51.46% with a tiny ban rate of 0.6%, however, she does awfully against Brand, Xerath, and Swain. Sona does very well against Yuumi, Pantheon, and Janna.

(9) Shen


One of the oldest champions on this list, Shen has forever been a Top lane champion but over the last few years, he’s been making appearances in support due to how effective his Kit is.

Shen has a 51.64% while having a 1% ban rate, he mostly struggles against Braum, Swain, and Sona, however, he does very well against Thresh, Karma, and Yuumi.

(8) Lux


She has a very high play rate in Mid and Support. She has over 600,000 games already, her win rate is 51.80% while having an incredibly high ban rate of 31.8%.

Lux seems to do badly against Xerath, Maokai, and Blitzcrank, whilst doing well against Bard, Senna, and Thresh.

(7) Maokai


Another top lane champion making the list of Supports he has a 51.84% win rate whilst almost never being banned at 0.3%, Maokai struggles against Brand, Rell, and Shaco.

Maokai does a lot better against Miss Fortune, Rakan, and Senna.

(6) Vel’Koz


A MId Lane champion that once again proves effective in support, his high damage, as well as poke, proves vital in this lane.

Vel’Koz win rate is 52.27% while being bad only 1.3%, however, the struggle comes against Blitzcrank, Sona, and Maokai, while excelling against Veigar, Vex, and Senna.

(5) Xerath


Again another mid lane champion very similar to Vel’Koz, with high damage and a lot of poke while being safe with range. Xerath has a win rate of 53.11% and a ban rate of 12.3%.

Try avoiding playing Xerath against Vel’Koz, Blitzcrank, and Shaco, his better matchups are Senna, Lulu, and Veigar.

(4) Zyra


One of the oldest champions that has been played in support is Zyra, and she has been effective for some time her win rate is 53.17% while only being banned 3.7%.

Zyra struggles against Vel’Koz, Swain, and Brand. However, she does very well against the likes of Bard, Senna, and Pantheon.

(3) Shaco


A Jungler making the top 3 of Support Champions, he was found to be very effective in this role not too long ago and since has stayed here.

His win rate is 53.35% while being banned 25.9% of the time, his struggles come against Swain, Sona, and Nami. However, he does amazing vs Pantheon, Janna, and Miss Fortune.

(2) Swain


After his rework, Swain was found being played in the support role a lot more than what was expected but his kit is fantastic for the role whilst also being a top lane champion.

Swain has a win rate of 53.76% while only having a ban rate of 4.2%, he struggles with Brand, Xerath, and Janna. However, he does very well against Thresh, Pantheon, and Senna.

(1) Brand


The best support right now in Bronze is Brand, he can wreak havoc in this lane, due to his high damage, and poke, paired with a high damage ADC they can tear apart the lane.

His win rate is 54.16% while having a high ban rate of 17.5%, however, he does struggle against high range poke, such as Xerath, Vel’Koz, and Lux. he is amazing against Thresh, Brand, and Lulu.


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