Luis Suarez: 10 most entertaining moments amid Aston Villa links

Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez has put himself in the spotlight many times throughout his career, sometimes for positive reasons, but other times not so much.

Suarez is currently linked with a move back to the Premier League for a reunion with former teammate and current Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard.

A switch back to England for the Uruguayan could mean that Premier League fans are in for some cracking entertainment.

The Atletico Madrid striker was voted as ‘The Greatest Sporting Villian’ ever in an ESPN poll ran in 2019. The ten-man list included Roy Keane, Sergio Ramos and Diego Costa but none could top Suarez according to the voters.

Whilst the Uruguayan may be a controversial figure, there’s no denying he’s also a very entertaining one.

Whilst some of the striker’s most famous moments have been light-hearted, some of them are also pretty unfriendly. Let’s take a look at why the Uruguayan is one of the most entertaining characters in the world of football.

Handball vs Ghana at the 2010 World Cup:

Over ten years have passed since this incident, but for most Ghanaians, this is probably still a painful one to watch.

If Ghana had beaten Uruguay on the night, it would have become the first African nation to reach a World Cup semi-final. However, Suarez’s blatant handball after a well-fought game would become the deciding factor.

The game went to extra time and Ghana won a free-kick in the 120th minute, Suarez made a block on the goal line but after multiple attempts, it seemed the ball was destined to end up in the back of the net. But the Uruguayan striker made the bold decision to blatantly throw his hand in front of the ball and prevent the guaranteed goal.

Of course, Suarez received a red card for his troubles and Ghana were awarded a penalty. But in a heartbreaking moment for the African side, Asamoah Gyan’s spot-kick struck the crossbar and sailed into the distance. Uruguay would eventually advance into the next round of the competition after winning the game via a penalty shootout.

But of course, in true Suarez style, the striker had to stir the pot even more after the game. The Uruguayan bragged: “The Hand of God now belongs to me. Mine is the real Hand Of God.
He added: “I made the best save of the tournament.”

Strange appeal during Uruguay vs Chile:

During Uruguay’s Copa America win over Chile in 2019, the Atletico Madrid man appealed for an obvious handball on the edge of the six-yard box.

The only issue with Suarez appealing to the referee was that the Chilean player in question was, in fact, the goalkeeper.

Although the striker instantly realises his own downright stupidity and immediately stops himself, you can clearly see in the short clip Suarez uses the international signal for a handball, tapping his hand towards the referee.

Suarez then immediately puts his hands on his head hoping nobody would notice, but unfortunately, eagle-eyed fans had already spotted the striker’s blooper.

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Attempting to get an opponent booked for tripping a pitch invader:

In the exact same game as accusing a goalkeeper of handball, Suarez made a second strange appeal to the referee.

As a pitch invader interrupted the game, Chile’s Gonzalo Jara took matters into his own hands when he stuck a leg out and sent the trespasser tumbling to the ground.

Most fans and players were probably happy to see the spectator removed from the field of play and the game restart.

But of course, Suarez saw nothing more than an opportunity to try and get an opponent booked. In the clip, you can see the Uruguayan immediately run towards the referee waving an imaginary card after Jara’s trip on the spectator.

Diving celebration during Merseyside Derby:

In one of the Madrid striker’s most famous moments in the Premier League, Suarez scored a goal in the Merseyside Derby before sprinting to the dugout and launching himself onto the floor directly in front of David Moyes.

But there was a brilliantly entertaining reason behind the odd celebration the striker had performed. In the buildup to the match, Moyes had made a comment about Suarez diving, including a dig at Liverpool insinuating they were ‘conning their way to results’.

So of course the Ex-Liverpool man couldn’t resist the opportunity to mock the Everton manager after scoring in the tie. But Moyes took the incident well and explained: “I thought it was great. I actually quite liked that – it is the sort of thing I would have done had I scored.”

Kicking the ball from under Neymar:

It appears that Suarez will wind up just about anyone available, including his own teammates.

During the striker’s time at Barcelona, a hilarious incident occurred during a training session ahead of a Champions League tie against Manchester City.

The iconic trio of Messi, Suarez and Neymar were standing around having a conversation when the Brazilian realised his laces were untied. As Neymar rested his foot on a ball to tie them, Suarez booted it out from underneath him causing the winger to lose his balance.

Whilst Suarez and most fans found the incident extremely funny, the Uruguayan was given a death stare by his unimpressed teammate. For some reason, even Lionel Messi refused to crack a smile during the encounter.

Panenka penalty in front of Ramos:

This one is up for debate as to whether or not you agree Suarez was mocking Ramos, but the history of the striker would definitely lead you to believe that he probably was.

Suarez and Ramos had plenty of feisty encounters during the forward’s time at Barcelona, so when the Uruguayan was awarded a penalty during a match between the pair he couldn’t resist using the Spaniard’s favourite technique.

Ramos is famous for scoring a number of panenka style penalties throughout his career, but Suarez turned the tables on the defender when he scored this cheeky chip at the Bernabeu in 2019.

Getting booked for checking VAR monitor:

This incident is rather tame in comparison to some of Suarez’s antics but an entertaining moment nonetheless.

During a match against Lokomotiv Moscow, the referee was reviewing a potential penalty using the pitchside monitor. Suarez decided he needed to take a look for himself and cheekily crept behind the referee before watching the replays over his shoulder.

The referee didn’t spot Suarez initially but when a linesman ran over to move him away, the referee turned around and realised what was happening. Suarez was handed a booking and Moscow were awarded a penalty.

Biting an opponent (three times):

Whilst in no way should these incidents be viewed as entertaining or applauded in any way, it’s difficult to write a list about Luis Suarez’s most famous incidents without at least mentioning his tendency to bite opponents.

Incredibly Suarez has been caught sinking his famous gnashers into an opponent on three separate occasions. The first of which came in a match against PSV Eindhoven when the Uruguayan squared off with Otman Bakkal and leant forward to bite his opponent on the shoulder.

The second incident came during a match against Chelsea when the striker grabbed defender Branislav Ivanovic’s arm during a tussle and sunk his teeth into it.

But apparently, the trouble caused on these first two occasions still wasn’t enough for Suarez as he once again took a bite at the shoulder of Giorgio Chiellini during the 2014 World Cup. Amazingly Suarez avoided a red card at the time but was given a lengthy ban after a review.

Pinching Antonio Rudiger:

During a Champions League match between Chelsea and Atletico Madrid, Suarez once again resorted to his old book of tricks in an attempt to get a rise out of Antonio Rudiger.

During a tussle with the Chelsea defender, the forward was bent towards the floor and took the opportunity to grab the back of Rudiger’s leg and appeared to pinch it as hard as he could.

Rudiger furiously squared up to the striker but the incident quickly simmered down. After the game, Rudiger said he had no hard feelings towards the Madrid player, explaining: “He defends his badge and I defend mine, and this is all.
“For me, I go with no feeling of revenge.”

Middle finger to Fulham fans:

Suarez once again got in trouble during a match between Liverpool and Fulham when the forward showed a rude hand gesture to the opposition fans.

The striker was subjected to constant chants of ‘cheat’ by the Craven Cottage crowd, due to his perceived diving. And as Liverpool eventually lost the match 1-0, Suarez also lost his cool.

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After the final whistle, as the striker was making his way off the pitch, Suarez turned towards the Fulham crowd and made an explicit hand gesture towards them in the form of an extended middle finger.

Suarez was later handed an FA misconduct charge, resulting in a one-match ban and a £20,000 fine.

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