Brock Lesnar was once in a ‘bad mood’ & terrified 300 WWE fans at an airport

Brock Lesnar WWE

If there’s one WWE Superstar that you’d probably not want to get on the wrong side of, it’s Brock Lesnar.

Professional wrestling may be scripted, but Brock Lesnar is legitimately one of the scariest men on the planet.

One of the reasons that Lesnar has been so successful during his time in WWE is because of how legitimately intimidating the WWE Champion is.

It has turned out that the former UFC star once used this to his advantage at an airport several years ago.

Speaking to Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions in March 2021, Big Show (Paul Wight) shared a hilarious story of Lesnar interacting with WWE fans at an airport several years ago.

Big Show explained that Lesnar was left annoyed by several WWE fans after already being in a bad mood due to an incredibly long travelling day.

“So we come right to the [airport gate] and they had some little club rope trying to keep everyone away. It was pretty bad. Brock comes out with his glasses on, blonde hair; just mad at the world because he’s been travelling for 20 hours.

There is a common feeling within wrestling that Brock is actually a pretty sweet guy if he likes you, and Big Show confirmed that while sharing his story to Paquette.

“If you know Brock, he’s the sweetest guy you’ve ever met if he likes you. If he doesn’t… it’s not going to end well for you.”

Big Show explained that a flurry of WWE fans then appeared Lesnar to take photos with him, with some even making the questionable decision to grab at ‘The Beast’.

Unsurprisingly, Brock didn’t take too kindly to this, flinching at the fans, which scared absolutely all of them:

I remember pictures going off, people are screaming; someone snatched his glasses off. He looked at everybody and everyone pulled their cameras down. And everyone there got scared. Then he flinched and 300 people went ‘HUH!’ They all gasped. I started laughing so hard. And he says ‘I appreciate it in advance before you take a picture.’ Then he walks off.

Big Show went on to explain that the whole ordeal was incredibly amusing to him, revealing that he had tears in his eyes after watching “300 people pee themselves”.

“And I have tears in my eyes. Because I just watched 300 people pee themselves!”

The moral of the story here is, if you’re going to mess with anyone on the WWE roster, Brock Lesnar should be pretty low down on that list.

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