League of Legends: Riot Games Drop Hint over Emo Band

Riot Games have teased the possible inclusion of an Emo Band in League of Legends.

Riot Games have made multiple universes within their ever-expanding world in League of Legends.

One of these universes is on a more musical side of things, where we have witnessed Bands and Pop groups, Pentakill, K/DA, and True Damage, as well as Solo Artists Seraphine, and DJ Sona.

With a recent tweet coming from Riot Games Music’s Twitter account we could see a new band under the category of ‘Emo’. The Tweet was very vague with next to know information only the words “Just a Vibe Check” followed by some space and then “Emo Band?” with a thinking face emoji.

Let’s take a look at which champions could be included in an ‘Emo Band’:

League of Legends Emo Band

With Riot Games already having tons of success from Pentakill recently releasing their third album, as well as K/DA who have released loads of songs already, with three of their songs with over 100 million people, have already listened to the songs.

Not only this but with big music artists being brought into the projects Madison Beer and two members of the K-pop group G-idle.

The tweet from Riot Games Music has already led to tons of hype with over 9000 likes and 500 retweets in the first few hours of it being tweeted.

Riot Games often listen to fan hype and when it comes to selling skins this could be a huge seller.

Who Will Feature in the Emo Band?


When Players talk about emo or even edgy champions often champions like Kayn, Talon, Amumu, and Aphelios come up in conversation.

You could also add Morgana, Vex one of the newest champions in the game, Veigo, Sett, and Yone could also be added into this collection of champions.

Kayn – He is a champion taken over by darkness if you were to choose his Darkin form. Not only that but his Human form is also very emo-like, this could be a great basis to go off where both forms could be featured in songs.

Talon – The Hooded Assassin, usually working in the darkness, Talon is often seen as ‘The Emo Champion’ not only that but two of his last skins have been very edgy, or emo-like.

Amumu – ‘The Sad Mummy’ not much more needs to be said about Amumu.

Aphelios – another very emo like champion Aphelios lore in itself is quite the part

Morgana and Vex would also make the part if you wanted to make a Paramore styled group with one of them being the lead to the band, both of these champions are very Emo

Veigo, Sett, and Yone are all champions that would make great additions to a potential Emo group, and their looks alone are enough to put them into the group.

How Many Champions will the Emo Band Have?

Going off the themes of the previous groups, we have seen Pentakill featuring 6 Champions, K/DA who were made up of 4, and True Damage being made of 5.

This could mean that a future Emo band might be made up of anywhere between 4-6 champions.


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