League of Legends: Tyler1's Mission From Support to Challenger

Tyler1 plays League of Legends

Tyler1, the number one League of Legends streamer in the world on Twitch, is about to take on his last challenge – getting to Challenger as a Support.

The 26-year-old is an ADC main who first started these challenges back in 2020 when he decided to test himself by trying to get to Challenger as a Jungler this would be the second role that he managed to get to the rank.

Tyler1 followed this up by getting to a Challenger as a Top Laner in June 2021, after this he took on the task of Mid Lane to Challenger. This proved to be the easiest role for him so far with it only taking him two months.

With 2022 on the way, the LoL streamer announced last week that he will be playing Support to Challenger which has already begun, starting 2 days ago.

Tyler1 Challenge

Challenger rank in League of Legends

Tyler1 started his challenge by talking about how important having a good name for his account is, naming his account ‘Cookiemonster123’ – the name coming from his love of cookies.

He opened up a poll saying what rank he might get stuck in, allowing his fans to vote, the poll leaned heavily on Diamond, which he did seem to agree with. However, he continued to talk about how easy and broken the Support role is.

Tyler1 was initially thrown into a champion select as ‘true autofill’ and left and immediately started a new champion select this time getting his role and picking Nautilus.

He continued to say how easy it was going to be and got off to a great start as they picked up a kill in the first minute of the game with a hook onto the enemy jungle.

He followed this up by showing his knowledge of the game by grabbing a kill under the enemy tower and setting up his ADC with another kill.

Not long after this he followed with more assists, the game quickly became dominant for his team. This was largely due to his influence.

Game 1

His first game on his road to challenger ended in 20 minutes, and this was a prime example of how good supports can carry a game.

Game 2

During the second game, Tyler1 played again was dominated by his team, and ended in 24 minutes his influence and skill continued to show as his team took the enemy apart.

Game 3 and Finishing Placements

His third game was on Thresh which he ended up losing quite quickly and it looked as though his lane didn’t go too well. Following this loss Tyler1 went on to win a further six games all of which were relatively easy games for him and his teams.

Tyler1 finished his placements with eight wins and two losses putting him in Gold 4.

Where is Tyler1 Now?

After 2 days of games, Tyler1 is currently ranked Platinum two with 36 games played and a win rate of 68%, the champions he currently has the most success on are Rakan, Pyke, and Karma.
Tyler1 has had a very good start to his Climb to Challenge in a new role which is never an easy task, and this growth has been very quick, he could see himself in Diamond before the end of the week.

Will Tyler1 get to Challenger?

Many people might be asking this question, and many haters will probably say he won’t. However, with Tyler1 equipped with his dedication and possessing his previous experience.

There is a high chance that he will get to Challenger and he could quite possibly do this faster than his previous Challenges.


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