Man Utd: Cristiano Ronaldo dared to react angrily to Alex Ferguson subbing him off in 2009

  • Kobe Tong

Cristiano Ronaldo was visibly angered to be hooked off by Ralf Rangnick against Brentford on Wednesday night.

With Manchester United leading 2-0 going into the final 20 minutes, Rangnick wanted to avoid the same error that the Red Devils made against Aston Villa and duly adjusted to a back five.

However, unfortunately for Ronaldo, it just so happened that he was the attacking player to bite the bullet with Harry Maguire coming on in his place to try and defend against another 2-2 collapse.

Ronaldo’s tantrum vs Brentford

To be fair to Rangnick, the tactic worked a treat because although Ivan Toney posted a consolation goal, Marcus Rashford had the found the net beforehand to put the Red Devils even further clear.

But try telling that to Ronaldo because the five-time Ballon d’Or expressed his anger at leaving the pitch by throwing his coat to the ground and proceeding to sit on the stairs looking bewildered.

Rangnick eventually came over to broker peace, but there’s no denying that Ronaldo’s stroppy reaction to the manager’s decision wasn’t a particularly good look in the context of United’s season.

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Ronaldo won the 2008 Puskas Award for a goal against which club?

Ronaldo’s history of reactions to being subbed

However, perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised by Ronaldo’s theatrics because it’s not the first time that the Portugal international has had a, well, impassioned reaction to being substituted off.

In fact, Ronaldo has even behaved in similar fashion wearing the famous red jersey of United before, which is no small feat when you consider Sir Alex Ferguson was his previous manager.

Besides, you’d be forgiven for making the assumption that Ferguson would have dished out the ‘hairdryer treatment’ to anyone who seemed to make a fuss about his substitution decisions.

And while we can’t be certain that Ronaldo didn’t escape an absolute roasting, Ferguson appeared to take an even more dramatic tantrum pretty well after a Manchester derby in the 2008/09 season.


Ronaldo angry’s reaction vs Man City in 2009

With United leading 2-0 over their ‘Noisy Neighbours’ courtesy of Ronaldo’s deflected free-kick and a Carlos Tevez strike, Ferguson took the decision to save his star man’s legs by hooking him off.

However, he incurred the wrath of Ronaldo, who proceeded to look baffled at his manager before furiously refusing the offer of a tracksuit top by swiping it away, in the process.

Marry that to close-up shots of Ronaldo still shaking his head in disbelief by the time that he’d take a seat on the bench and it’s fair to say that his City paddy even outdid his efforts against Brentford.

And with all due respect to Rangnick, you’ll forgive us for thinking that Ronaldo’s rage was even more tetchy for being performed right in front of Ferguson, so be sure to check it out down below:

Oof. It makes the Brentford strop look tame, doesn’t it?

How did Ferguson react?

However, just because we can’t be certain that Ferguson didn’t unleash hell upon Ronaldo behind the scenes, that doesn’t mean that we’re completely at a loss about his reaction to the episode.

In fact, according to the Express, Ferguson seemed to take the saga rather well and remarked after the game: “It is great that he wanted to play on. It is fabulous. But I have to look at the big picture.

“He produced an incredible performance against Arsenal on Tuesday. He ran his socks off. Now I have Wednesday and Saturday to look after. There is no problem.”


Ronaldo didn’t get off lightly, though

However, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows because former United striker Dwight Yorke wasn’t quite so casual about Ronaldo throwing his toys out of the pram during a Manchester derby.

The Express quotes Yorke as saying: “When you look at what is happening at United – going for the title and in the Champions League final – everything is great.

“Then you get someone behaving like that. To throw away his tracksuit top and huff and puff is uncalled for and out of order, there is no need.”

Brentford 1-3 Man Utd Match Reaction (Football Terrace)

According to the Telegraph, The Sun even reported at the time that Ronaldo had sought out Alec Wyllie – the kitman from whom he snatched the top – to apologise for his unprofessional behaviour.

As such, Ronaldo wasn’t completely off the hook for his angriest reaction to being substituted at United, so maybe that’s why he threw his coat solo this time around against Brentford…



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