Novak Djokovic reportedly set to sue Australian authorities over visa drama


Novak Djokovic has been in contact with his lawyers about potentially suing Australian authorities.

Th tennis star will be claiming “ill treatment” after he was deported from the country ahead of the Australian Open per a report in The Sun.

Djokovic was first targeted by their government because they found out he had not been vaccinated, but the Serbian claims he had a Visa exemption.

Djokovic being given this exemption seemed to upset many Australians who have had some of the world’s toughest lockdowns. The country has more than 90% of its people vaccinated.

Australia at first had granted Djokovic a Visa due to him recently having Covid-19 and therefore was unable to get the vaccine. But on Jan 6 he was detained by immigration authorities.

After being detained and placed in a quarantine hotel, Djokovic appealed the decision and have his Visa reinstated.

This appeal proved to be successful, and it looked like he was free to compete at the Australian Open.


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But after having his Visa reinstated new information was released about Djokovic and his whereabouts when he had tested positive for Covid-19 in December 2021.

This brought the tennis star’s reputation to a new low.

It is being reported that Djokovic is suing the Australian government for £3.2 million, this involves the £2.3 million prize money that he was expecting to win if he had won the tournament.

There was no surprise Djokovic was the bookies favourite to win the Australian Open as he had won the tournament nine times already.


But it seems he will be unable to gain a Visa for another three years, meaning he may fail to reach double figures of Australian Open titles.

Djokovic’s mother has revealed how unfairly he was treated in the Australian quarantine hotel saying that; “it was full of fleas and maggots. He was kept a virtual prisoner.”

Djokovic is now in his home country of Serbia where he received a hero’s welcome on his return.

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