League of Legends: Top 10 Best Top Lane Champions in Silver Revealed


In League of Legends, picking a strong champion, or meta can be a very advantageous thing for an LoL player, as this is more likely to increase your chances of winning, assuming you can play this character.

In Silver Elo, players are starting to be aware of what is good and what is bad, thus making this list a more accurate representation of the Champions that are the best right now at least.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 best Top Lane Champions in Silver right now.

Best Top Lane Champions (SIlver) in League of Legends

(10) Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench

The Support champion often finds himself being played in support as he was designed to be played there, however now and then Tahm is found as an incredibly abusive Solo Laner in the Top Lane.

Tahm Kench has a 51.56% win rate and a massive ban rate of 21.7% proving how difficult he is to play against.

He tends to do badly against Yorick, Heimerdinger, and Shen. However, if you see Akshan, Vladimir or Gangplank then you might be about to win the lane.

(9) Lilia


She is not picked anywhere near as much as the other champions on this list being that she is a Jungler however she has been finding a lot of success in the top lane with a 51.59% win rate while only being banned 1.1%.

Lilia tends to struggle against Wukong, Urgot, and Teemo but finds a lot of success against the likes of Trundle, Cho’Gath, and Warwick.

(8) Kayle


League of Legends has been dragging a lot more into the late game recently with champions like Kayle, who excels in this becoming more popular and successful.

She has a 51.65% win rate while only being banned 1.3% of the time, Kayle, however, struggles against Nasus, Dr Mundo, and Viktor, While doing very well against Gwen, Gangplank, and Warwick.

(7) Trundle


Another champion like Kayle, who has a very good late game and is a monster at taking towers.

His win rate is 52% while being banned 4.4% of the time, Trundle struggles against Akshan, Shen, and Quinn. He, however, is very strong against Irelia, Yasuo, and Sylas.

(6) Shen


Shen is a very strong champion throughout the game, known for being a great split pusher, his ability to join a team fight with his ultimate as well as shielding whoever he ult’s with is very strong.

His win rate is 52.11% and he has a low ban rate of 1.4%, Shen seems to struggle against Mordekaiser, Garen, and Kayle. While dominating Renekton, Kennen, and Akali.

(5) Urgot


Urgot is a very strong champion, and under the right person, he can be completely dominant in a game, pulling away multiple champions to try and stop him.

His win rate is 52.97% while being banned only 3.7%, he does poorly against Dr Mundo, Trundle, and Kayle, while doing very well against, Sylas, Riven, and Akali.

(4) Garen


Garen is sometimes called the spin to win champion due to his E ability where he spins around with his sword, he can be very annoying to deal with when hit by his Q.

Garen has a 53.12% win rate with a 4.9% ban rate, he tends to struggle against Kayle, Yorick, and Urgot. While doing very badly against Sylas, Renekton, and Gwen.

(3) Nasus


The Champion that never stops scaling, Nasus if given enough time can be completely unstoppable. His win rate is 53.19% while having a ban rate of 8.3%.

Nasus tends to struggle against Garen, Teemo, and Shen, while being able to deal with Jayce, Kennen, and Renekton.

(2) Dr Mundo

Dr Mundo

his recent changes he has been seeing a lot more play and has been doing very well as a champion, his win rate is 53.46% while being banned 5.7% of the time.

Dr Mundo struggles against Nasus, Yorick, and Kled, while beating Kennen, Renekton, and Jayce.

(1) Yorick


The Best Top Lane champion in silver right now, his ability to split push all game as well as controlling his lane with his ultimate, makes Yorick a very strong champion that can be very hard to deal with if he is fed.

His Win Rate is a whopping 53.82% while only being banned 3.8% of the time. He losses Nasus, Urgot, and Graves while destroying Jayce, Kennen, and Darius.


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