League of Legends: Top 10 Aram Champions Revealed


League of Legends has multiple different game modes one of which being ARAM which is also known as All Random All Mid being played on the map ‘The Howling Abyss’.

It is a different map from the more common Summoners Rift, and the gameplay is fairly different as well. At the start of Champion select, you are given a random character that either you own or is on free rotation, while players are allowed up to 2 rerolls as well as being able to trade with each other.

Once the game starts, you will find that there is only one lane and this means that players will be forced to fight in 5v5s on a regular basis, as everyone is all in one place.

That being said, there are some champions that do a lot better than others, and this list will show you who the Top 10 are right now!

Top 10 Aram Champions

(10) Kayle – 54.62%


Kayle is a late-game monster that struggles at the start of the game but since you start at level 3 and gain gold a lot faster as well as XP, she quickly becomes a very strong champion in ARAM.

(9) Sona – 54.80%


With the ARAM Map being very small, Sona can be a very good champion as there isn’t much room to avoid multiple spells being thrown at you, as well as her very useful kit.

(8) Xerath – 54.91%


Xerath has incredible range as well as a lot of poke, which can often be quite troublesome on the Howling Abyss.

(7) Heimerdinger – 54.95%


This Champion, thanks to his turrets, has a great amount of control in Aram, Heimerdinger’s attack damage can easily be overlooked on top of that.

(6) Maokai – 55.05%


Maokai’s ability, Sapling Toss, can be highly dangerous due to the fact that they do more damage whilst in a brush which is something that Howling Abyss has a lot off, on top of that he can also be very difficult to kill whilst doing a lot of damage for a tank.

(5) Kog’Maw – 55.13%


Kog’Maw just like Kayle is a lot weaker earlier in the game however because of the fact that ARAM is a far faster game. He gets stronger a lot faster, as well as being able to build him AP which means that he becomes somewhat of a very high-ranged damaged dealer.

(4) Vel’Koz – 55.26%


Vel’Koz has so much range and damage that is a lot harder to dodge in a smaller amount of space. On top of this when you get hit by his skills he starts doing more damage, as well as his Ult that can almost 100 to zero you.

(3) Lilia – 56.33%


Her Kit becomes better when she can hit more champions with her skill-shots as this sets her ult up which sleeps anyone hit by the setup. This can prove to be quite effective in a team fight and potentially game-changing.

(2) Ziggs – 56.54%


Ziggs has always been a great champion in ARAM, his poke, as well as his damage and his Ultimate that surrounds a large area can be extremely hard to deal with.

(1) Seraphine – 58.14%


The Singing champion Seraphine can basically do everything Sona can do but better, as well as dealing more damage, she is the best Champion on Aram as of right now.


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