Brock Lesnar's reaction to Keith Lee's WWE Royal Rumble surprise was absoutely priceless

Brock Lesnar WWE Royal Rumble Keith Lee

Brock Lesnar’s reaction to Keith Lee coming out as the 13th entrant in the 2020 men’s WWE Royal Rumble match was absolutely priceless.

The 2020 men’s Royal Rumble match is thought by many to be one of the best rumble matches in recent memory.

Not only for the emphatic return of Edge, but Brock Lesnar’s early dominance, only to be eliminated by Drew McIntyre, means this rumble is held in pretty high regard by fans.

During the Royal Rumble, Brock showed everyone just how good he is, but it wasn’t only with his in-ring moves that Lesnar excelled.

Coming out at number 13 in the Royal Rumble to confront Brock Lesnar was Keith Lee, who was the NXT North American Champion at the time.

As he approached the ring, Lesnar’s facials were absolutely magnificent, with the former UFC star being filmed saying “oooh, big boy” as Keith Lee made his way down to the ring.

Lesnar also was caught saying “who’s this motherf****r?” before he went toe-to-toe with the big man.

The little confrontation between Lee and Lesnar, which can be seen below, was absolutely magnificent too, and the crowd in Texas (Lee’s home state) were really invested.

The reaction seemed to be 100% organic too, which was absolutely brilliant, with Lee and Lesnar’s natural charisma both shining through.

Braun Strowman would enter the match next, with Lesnar eliminating both men before being thrown out himself by Keith Lee.

Unless plans change, neither Brock Lesnar nor Keith Lee will be part of the 2022 Royal Rumble match next weekend.

Lesnar is slated to defend his WWE Championship against Bobby Lashley on the show, which he is likely to retain, meaning he’s unlikely to be part of the match.

On the other hand, Keith Lee was released by WWE in November 2021, and is therefore almost certainly not going to be part of the match.

You can watch WWE’s Royal Rumble event on January 29 live in the US on Peacock and in all other international markets on the WWE Network.

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