Tyson Fury in UFC? 2019 MMA training footage shows he has real potential


There has been a lot of speculation recently surrounding a potential fight between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou.

This started back in 2019 when Ngannou called out Fury, but in the last few weeks it seems to be Fury who is calling out the UFC heavyweight champion.

Fury and Ngannou, 35, have been seen to recently go back and forth on Twitter about setting up a future fight between the two.

But it’s unclear whether this will happen as a boxing fight or an MMA fight.

Last week Fury posted on Twitter, and it read; “Clash of the titans @francis_ngannou.”

He also said in the post how the fight could be in Las Vegas as it puts boxing up against UFC.

Attached to this Twitter post is a video where Fury says, “I think this will be an amazing fight…the world will want to see it.”


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There is an interesting video of Tyson Fury putting in some MMA training back in 2019 on MTK Global Boxing’s twitter page.

Fury, 33, is seen throwing elbows and knees at the pads being held by UFC middleweight fighter, Darren Till.

The footage only makes Fury’s current feud with Francis Ngannou more exciting as its clear Till is impressed with Fury’s technique.

When Till and Fury met back in 2019, the MMA fighter had nothing but praise for the current WBC heavyweight champion.

He was impressed with the heavyweight’s mentality. When speaking to BT Sport he said, “I swear that guy’s got a rock-solid mentality.

“Like an unbelievable mentality…the stuff that comes out of his mouth is next level.”

It seems as though Fury would be more than capable of taking on Ngannou in the octagon after seeing this footage. Till stated that, “He’d probably do well you know” when asked how he thinks Fury would do in MMA.

This is just speculation right now and as both men currently hold titles in their respective sports it may be a difficult fight to organise.

This Saturday at UFC 270 in California, Ngannou defends his UFC heavyweight title against his former training partner, Cyril Gane.

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