League of Legends: Top 10 Most Watched Twitch Streamers Have Been Ranked

Doublelift is a League of Legends' icon.

The most viewed game on Twitch is League of Legends which consistently hits over 300,000 views in the games category.

Being the most popular title means that some of the streamers that play it are extremely popular.

Some of the streamers that make up the game are very different in their own way, some have a huge amount of personality some funny, and others are pro players. The Streamers included in this list are solo streamers – not organisations.

That being said, let’s take a look at which streamers are the most popular on Twitch:

League of Legends Most Watched Twitch Streamers

(10) – Tmxk291

He is a Korean Streamer whose channel was created in 2017, with 1,177,888 viewer hours, he is an ADC Main that also plays a little bit of TFT in between league games.

(9) – YoDa


The Brazilian former pro player is known for his Katarina in pro play, he started his channel back in 2013 where he has 1,430,151 viewer hours.

YoDa allows his Subs to participate in duels against other streamers, as well as 1v1s against himself.

(8) – RATIRL

RATIRL  is well known for his quality but also probably the best Twitch player in the world whether that be in the Jungle or as ADC.

RATIRL first created his account in 2014, he now has 1,897,713 viewer hours.

(7) – Sardoche

The French Streamer is a former pro player, who likes to play OSU, and Trackmania outside of League, he is well known for his Cassiopeia and Vel’Koz.

Sardoche started his account in 2013 where he now has 2,075,451 Viewer hours.

(6) – Doublelift


(Credit: Dexerto)

Doublelift is one of the most famous pro players is now retired, he was known for his bot lane duo partnership with Aphromoo being named ‘Rush Hour’ he is a huge influence in the game.

The 28-year-old created his account in 2013, where he now has a 2,141,384 viewer hours.

(5) – MoonMoon

The 31-year-old created his channel in 2016, known for streaming Overwatch, GTA V, and WoW, he now is a big name in League of Legends.

He has 2,141,970 Viewer hours.

(4) – Coscu


Coscu is an Argentinan Streamer, who created his channel in 2012, he is well known for his Coscu Army which brought a large amount of his popularity and success, making him very popular in South America, and amongst Spanish speakers.

Coscu has 2,700,651 Viewer Hours.

(3) – NoWay4U_Sir

The German is a pro player for No Need Orga, he is a Mid Laner well known for his Xerath. He is the biggest German Streamer and is also known for getting three accounts to the top 30 in EUW.

The 28-year-old has 3,248,897 Viewer Hours.

(2) – Kamet0

The French Streamer created his channel back in 2011, he is a variety streamer known for GTA 5, Minecraft, and of course League of Legends. These games are what gave him a lot of his viewership and where he gained his popularity.

He has 3,701,298 viewer hours.

(1) – Tyler1


Tyler1 is well known for his over-the-top and tough-guy personality, as well as his Draven, however, he is best known for being permanently banned from anything Riot-related.

His popularity grew to the point where fans would bring ‘Free Tyler1’ signs to live games.

Not long after he was allowed back into the game and even started attending live events as a guest as well as hosting his own Championship Series which involved many pro players, Riot staff, and more.

Tyler1 started his channel back in 2013 and has a whopping 6,371,634 Viewer Hours, towering above the other streamers.


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