League of Legends: Top 10 Best Jungle Champions in Silver Revealed

Warwick in League of Legends.

In League of Legends, the Jungle can often be seen as the role that can win or lose a game.

The reason for this is that when one Jungler has a bigger impact on the game, then the rest of their team often starts winning their lanes.

In Silver, this can often either mean the game is going to be won or that they can move their lead around the map.

The best Champions for this are listed below:

Top 10 Best Jungle Champions in Silver

(10) Master Yi

Master Yi

The most popular champion on this list, Master Yi when played by the right person can take an enemy team apart especially when he is fed. His win rate is 51.69% while having a massive 37.3%

Master Yi tends to struggle against Amumu, Rammus, and Vi, while being good against Rengar, Qiyana, and Olaf.

(9) Warwick


Another very popular champion in silver, his ability to move around the map quickly can help his team, and make multiple ganks in the time that another champion can make one.

Warwick’s win rate is 51.74% while having a high ban rate at 10.2%, Warwick however does badly against Amumu, Trundle, and Lilia. However, he does well against Rengar, Nidalee, and Rek’Sai.

(8) Dr Mundo

Dr Mundo

After being reworked Dr Mundo has been quite a dominant force in League of Legends, his win rate is 51.81% while having a ban rate of 5.7%.
However, Dr Mundo struggles against Zac, Nunu, and Amumu, while being very strong against Qiyana, Poppy, and Rek’Sai.

(7) Mordekaiser


A really strong champion, and very good in 1v1s, he can become very strong in the late game, his win rate is 52.04% while being banned at 9.3%.

Mordekaiser struggles against Master Yi, Lilia, and Warwick, while being very good against Qiyana, Rammus, and Rek’Sai.

(6) Rammus


A brilliant Champion for ganking his team, with the ability to move very quickly into lanes as well as a taunt that stops opponents from running away.

His win rate is 52.21% while having a ban rate of 4.7%, Rammus struggles against Amumu, Trundle, and Lilia. While doing very well against Rengar, Qiyana, and Nidalee.

(5) Nunu


Nunu, similar to Rammus, has a lot of movement speed, however with Nunu, his movement speed is based on the size of his W’s Snowball, Nunu is great in the late game as a very strong tank.

His win rate is 52.37% while being banned only 1.9% of the time, Nunu loses to the likes of Master Yi, Trundle, and Amumu, While being very good against Rengar, Qiyana, and Nidalee.

(4) Zac

Zac is one of the few Champions that can gank a lane from all sorts of angles while being very tanky and sometimes annoying to deal with as his passive breaks him into little blobs that act has his life, and can be killed if they are killed or on cooldown.

His win rate is 52.42% while being banned only 1.3% the lowest on this list, Zac, however, does badly against Trundle, Vi, and Lilia. He does well against Rengar, Gragas, and Qiyana.

(3) Vi


A powerful Champion. She does a lot of damage early and can snowball carrying games into the late game if fed, she is great at ganking and her 52.57% win rate shows how good she is right now.

Vi is banned 4.7% of the time while struggling against Amumu, Trundle, and Warwick, however, she beats Rengar, Nidalee, ad Qiyana.

(2) Trundle


He is hard to duel, his ganks are amazing, and he scales well, Trundle has an amazing win rate at 53.54% whilst only being banned 4.4% of the time.

If you want to do well against Trundle then Lilia, Amumu, and Nunu are champions that he struggles against, however, he does very well against Rengar, Olaf, and Rek’Sai.

(1) Amumu


Amumu is an amazing Champion to use, having two stuns, and a lot of range to gank, he can have a huge amount of impact in a game, and one good ultimate can turn an entire team fight.

Amumu has a massive 54.24% win rate while only being banned 3% of the time, he struggles massively with Trundle, Zac, and Nunu all of which are on this list. Trundle does well against the likes of Qiyana, Rengar, and Jax.

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