Cristiano Ronaldo: When Man Utd legend interviewed himself

Cristiano Ronaldo

Throughout his career, Cristiano Ronaldo has provided the footballing world with endless entertainment.

During the Portuguese superstar’s first spell at Manchester United, he was overflowing with confidence. The forward had a back pocket full of skills and tricks just waiting to be unleashed upon unsuspecting defenders.

While some fans and pundits thought of the winger as a ‘show pony’, it was difficult to not be entertained by his flashy style.

And this hilarious clip from his early years at the club is another example of just how much confidence the forward had. In the video, the self-proclaimed ‘top journalist’ Ronaldo interviewed his favourite player… himself.

But the blazer-clad journalist on one side of the conversation didn’t hold back with the heavy-hitting questions and the casually clothed version of Ronaldo didn’t hold back from showing his frustration at the line of questioning.

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At one point in the brilliant clip, Ronaldo even refers to himself as a ‘fool’ and calls himself out on his ‘stupid questions’.

Here are some of the brilliant questions and answers Ronaldo asked himself during the interview:
“Do you promise you are going to score in the final?”
“Please… Respect me, you don’t respect me I think.”
“Header, free kick?”
“Always the same with these stupid questions.”

Ronaldo even had the self-awareness to call himself out on his missed penalty in the 2008 Champions League final, before amusingly snapping back at himself.
“If we have the penalties, you don’t want to miss again, really.”
“Look you fool, we won the game, and I scored a goal”

Ronaldo also teases himself in the clip over his comparisons with Lionel Messi, but in true Ronaldo style, he brushes it aside without ever giving a definite answer.
“Is Lionel Messi a better player than you?”
“Maybe I’m a better reporter than him”

But in a fantastic impression of a real journalist, he of course pushes himself for an answer.
“What do you say, sorry?”
“Maybe… I don’t know, this is not important.”

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The winger even goes as far as to grill himself over a potential transfer to Real Madrid, pushing for a straight answer that he claims Ronaldo hasn’t given before.
“Why you never give a proper answer about Madrid?”
“All the time this question, stupid question. No, I am going to stay here, I want to stay here.”

But of course, just one season later, the forward was indeed playing for Real Madrid. Shame on him for lying to himself.

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