Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, Salah: Who has the most lucrative boot deal in football?


The business of being a professional footballer can be a rather lucrative one.

Just one look at Cristiano Ronaldo‘s glittering car collection, or Lionel Messi‘s sweeping real estate portfolio will tell you that.

As some of the most skilful athletes on the planet, playing in the world’s most-loved sport, the financial rewards are simply monumental.

However, it’s not just the eye-watering salaries that contribute to a the burgeoning bank accounts of the footballing elite, but endorsement deals and sponsorships as well.

Footballers are some of the most marketable figures around and all the biggest brands know it.

As a result, the simple act of adding their face to an advertising campaign or championing a product on their social media can see a footballer rake in mountainous sums of cash.


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Then, just when you thought making that sort of money wasn’t easy enough, you remember that the biggest names in the game get paid huge sums just to wear the boots they do.

The likes of Nike, Puma, Adidas and New Balance shell out tens of millions to make sure the biggest stars are seen in their latest little number.

So which footballer has the biggest boot deal in the world? Here are the top 10, per a repot in The Sun.

The 10 biggest football boot deals in the world 

10. Mohamed Salah, £2.5 million, Adidas
9. Marco Verratti, £2.5 million, Nike 
8. Paul Pogba, £3 million, Adidias
7. Antoine Griezmann, £3.5 million, Puma
6. Gareth Bale, £4 million, Adidas

5. Mario Balotelli, £5 million, Puma 


Italy’s perennial bad-boy may have fallen off the radar somewhat of late but his glitzy ten-year boot deal with Puma certainly has not.

Signed in 2014 when Balotelli was quickly becoming the poster boy for Italian football, the bumper deal will continue to run until next year.

4. Kylian Mbappe, £14 million, Nike 


Nike really had to fight tooth and nail to make Mbappe their poster boy and the figures involved in the deal show just how far they were willing to go.

At just 23, Mbappe’s 10-year deal, worth around £140 million in total, deal is said to be valid for as long as he ‘plays in a top league’.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo, £15m, Nike 


Forging any sort of business partnership with one of the greatest footballers to have ever lived is never going to come cheap, just ask Nike.

However, such is CR7’s unrivalled brand and market influence, the American apparel giants plumped for an unprecedented lifetime deal being reportedly worth £780m.

He is bar far Nike’s top earner.

2. Lionel Messi, £18 million, Adidas


The jewell in the Adidas crown.

Messi also enjoys a lifetime contract with his boot manufacturer, and, in following in the foot steps of Michael Jordan, has even launched his own sub-brand within the company – The Adidas Messi.

That means that the Argentine will still be making a pretty penny off of his boots even after he hangs them up.

1. Neymar, £23 million, Puma 


The godfather of boot deals.

Neymar’s unprecedented deal with Puma came hot on the heals of him ending his relationship with Nike.

Puma swooped like they have never swooped before to snap up the iconic Brazilian by tabling an offer that simply could not be refused.

It is uncertain as to how long the deal will run for but, either way, Neymar will be a far richer man because of it.

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