Cristiano Ronaldo defending Gareth Bale after slow Real Madrid start proved leadership qualities


Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest footballers to have ever lived, there can be no arguing the fact.

Whether or not he is the greatest though, is something we will leave to you to decide.

While his electrifying skill, longevity and ruthlessness in front of goal will go down in history, it is the true leadership qualities that have come to the fore in the latter half of his career that show the true nature of the man.

Ronaldo has shown an incredible ability to rouse his teammates from the depths of despair over the years, taking many a tie by the scruff of the neck and snatching victories from the jaws if defeats.

His professionalism, both on and off the pitch, regularly inspires his colleagues who see the Portuguese icon as the pinnacle of sporting physicality and excellence.

He is not just someone that leads by example though. He is also incredibly quick to come riding to the aid of his teammates who find themselves in tricky situations.


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Who can forget how he admonished the infamous Real Madrid crowd for booing Karim Benzema in the midst of a game?

It was during those heady Real Madrid days yet again that Ronaldo showed he is a natural leader when he defended a struggling Gareth Bale in a press conference.

New to Spain and still finding his feet, Bale found himself at the mercy of the ruthless Spanish press but Ronaldo was having none of it.

Speaking frankly, Ronaldo urged the press to switch their attentions to other player s and leave Bale alone.

“I think Gareth Bale has done well,” Ronaldo said. “Since he arrived he has had to do a preseason, so it has been difficult for him. But you can see he is very excited about being here.

He continued: “He always wants to improve, which is important. People put pressure on him, for how much he costs, which I do not think is good for him. If you want to help him, leave him alone, put pressure on other players.

“I am sure he will do very well for the team.”

It’s that sort of boost that gives a player incredible peace of mind and confidence in new surroundings.

As we all know, Bale would go on to play a major part in one of the most successful sides Europe has ever seen so it seems that Ronaldo’s fairy was more than justified.

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