Chelsea star Erin Cuthbert calls out bizarre article linking players to sex noises

Chelsea star Erin Cuthbert has called out an article in The Sun which links players names to sex noises

Chelsea star Erin Cuthbert has called out an article in The Sun which links players names to sex noises.

The article, dubbed an ‘exclusive’ by reporter Stephen Moyes, likened the names of Chelsea’s recent goalscorers to noises made during sex.

Pernille Harder hit a hat-trick during a 4-2 victory against West Ham in the Continental Cup on Wednesday, with Erin Cuthbert also on the scoresheet.

Harder is regarded as one of the best attacking talents in women’s football, while Cuthbert has appeared more than 80 times for Chelsea across a five year period. Both stars are Women’s Super League and FA Cup winners. 

Despite this, they were reduced to little more than sex noises in the article in The Sun. According to the article, social media users described the order of the goalscorers – Harder, Harder, Cuthbert, Harder – as sounding “like posh people having sex.”

The article has caused an uproar on social media, with football fans describing it as “disgusting”, “dismal” and a “sick joke”.

Women’s football writer Adam Salter posted on Twitter: “Unbelievable. We’ve wanted women’s football to get more coverage in the papers, and when they do they come out with this tripe instead. Disgusting.”

He continued: “The sad thing is, people will buy that paper, read that ‘story’, think it very funny and perfectly acceptable, and continue to down-tread upon women’s football.

“As long as people buy and support this kind of content being produced, nothing will change.”

Women’s football editor at Versus, Amie Cripps, posted a similar message.

“Equality in football isn’t just about money. It’s also about coverage. This is not quality journalism.

“Once again, female athletes aren’t being measured for their elite skill but their names & the noises they make… Both of which have been sexualised. They deserve more. WE deserve more.”

Cuthbert also reacted in anger to the article, writing: “To actually run with a story like this is extremely disturbing and embarrassing.

“Wish people reported on the actual match reports and women’s football with the same level of enthusiasm.”

The article was published in The Sun newspaper and is also available to read on the tabloid’s website. It is yet to be taken down.

GiveMeSport Women has contacted The Sun for comment.

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