Phil Neville: When Roy Keane told him off for trying step over during Man United game

Neville and Keane.

Phil Neville is one of the most decorated players to have graced the Premier League.

But he was once hilariously snubbed by midfielder Roy Keane during a game at Old Trafford.

Renowned as a member of Sir Alex Ferguson’s Class of ‘92, Neville went on to win an incredible six league titles with Manchester United and one Champions League trophy during his 11-year spell at the club.

Before joining Everton in 2005, the right-back had experienced nearly every honour in English football and had played alongside some of the greatest footballers ever seen.

And he, like his brother Gary, was always striving to become a better player.

During the Class of ‘92 documentary that aired in 2013, the former England Lionesses manager spoke of how he wanted to develop a new trick as a wingback.

Phil Neville for Man United.

Every day for six months, Neville, who was already an elite dribbler, practised doing step overs with the hope that he might one day pull one off at Old Trafford.

And that day eventually came for the 45-year-old, who, during a match against Southampton, decided to perform the trick, much to the hilarity of his fellow teammates.

“I did a step over, got to the byline, crossed it, and we nearly scored,” Neville said in the documentary.

“And as I was running back, Butty [Nicky Butt], Becks [David Beckham], Keano [Roy Keane] were all laughing their heads off.

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“I just couldn’t understand for the life of me why they were laughing because I’d just done the best step over this club’s ever seen and they’re absolutely wetting themselves laughing.”

While trying it once may have been fine, Neville may have pushed his luck a little too far with no-nonsense footballer Keane.

Roy Keane Man United.

Receiving the ball again, Neville tried to go one better and this time threw in a double step over, much to the enjoyment of the United crowd but not so much to the Irish midfielder.

He said: “I think they thought I was taking the mickey but this was something I was serious about.

“I’d worked on it for six months and I had just produced it at Old Trafford against Southampton.

“So I turned around after the double step over and Roy Keane looked at me and just said ‘Stop f*****g about.’”

Classic Keane.

Take a look at the hilarious video below…

It’s safe to say that Neville may have been reluctant to try another double step over again that encounter.

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