Football nicknames quiz: Can you name the 20 British clubs from their unofficial titles?

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The Premier League, Scottish Premiership and every level of football in the United Kingdom is littered with clubs that possess weird and wonderful nicknames.

From the obvious monikers of the Reds and the Blues to some of the wackier labels named after fish and furniture, the British game just wouldn’t be the same without all those random pet names.

And football fans who have spanned the country on away days will likely know them better than most having no doubt listened to home supporters belting our their nickname loud and proud.

Nicknames in British football

However, with some nicknames proving even more obscure and head-scratching than you might remember, we wanted to put your knowledge to the test to see how well you really remember them.

Will you know The Chairboys from The Cod Army and The Imps from The Glovers? Well, that’s exactly what we’re here to find out with a devious quiz that tests your knowledge on 20 nicknames.

Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool Match Reaction (Football Terrace)

When you’re presented with the unofficial title of a football club, you will have a choice of four options to identify the team that plays under that oft-strange title.

Naturally, bear in mind that many football clubs either have multiple nicknames or monikers that span several teams, so we’ve done our best to ensure that there won’t be any confusing crossovers.


Mark scheme for the quiz

And before we dive headfirst into hats, gloves and even gas, we’ve got a mark scheme of nicknames that you can mark yourself against to discover what your new title will be after the quiz.

0-4 marks: The Terrible Quizzers

5-9 marks: The Better Luck Next Timers

10-14 marks: The Average Joes

15-19 marks: The British Football Experts

20 marks: The Nickname Geniuses


QUIZ: Name the football club from the nickname

Got it? Right then, let’s put your knowledge of nicknames in British football to the test as you try to identify the clubs to which these 20 titles belong down below. Good luck.

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Let's start easy: Who are The Hornets?

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