Xbox Game Pass RPG January 2022: Top 5 Games to Play Right Now

Here are the Top 5 RPG titles to play on Xbox Game Pass in January 2022

Xbox Game Pass is arguably one of the best subscription deals in all of gaming, but what are the best RPG titles to play on the service in January 2022?

Several new titles from Microsoft, EA, Bethesda and other major publishers are added to the service every month, and there have been some pretty big role-playing game entries uploaded to the servers in January 2022.

There are some classics available on the service, but there are also some newer games for RPG fans to get stuck into.

Here are the Top 5 RPG games that players subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service will be able to play this month.

5. Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Arguably, Skyrim is one of the best RPG titles created this century, but considering the fact that it has been available since the days of Xbox 360 and PS3, we decided that it needed to be on the list but not at the top of the pile.

What is there to say about this epic RPG title that hasn’t already been said? Other than you can access it on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate right now!


4. Hades

Developers Supergiant released Hades on Xbox and Playstation consoles back in August 2021 following the huge success of the title on Nintendo Switch.

The impressive roguelike tweaks the usual style of the genre by having a storyline that keeps evolving even as players die in the game.

The actual RPG elements of the title are also extremely well set up, with a progression system that allows players to have a ton of freedom in how their upgrade their version of protagonist Zagreus.

Definitely worth playing for RPG fans on the Xbox Game Pass service!

Hades RPG

3. Scarlet Nexus

The next two titles on the list are pretty similar, but both are fantastic in their own right.

Scarlet Nexus was released by Bandai Namco back in 2021, but after a standard retail release, the game was added to the Game Pass service.

Players will be looking at around 75 hours to completely run through the game, with multiple playthroughs necessary to get the whole story.

This action-JPRG styled title has a wonderful aesthetic and will appeal to players who want to have an anime-esque tinge to their RPG games!

Scarlet Nexus

2. Nier: Automata

Another awesome action-RPG title on the Game Pass service, Nier: Automata is absolutely worth your time if you’re a fan of the genre.

The game offers players a multitude of different endings, meaning that multiple playthroughs are essential.

Players will be looking at around 35-40 hours to fully complete the title, so there’s a lot on offer with this stylish RPG offering.

Nier Automata

1. Mass Effect Legendary Edition

And finally, one of the greatest RPG trilogies in history in one convenient bundle!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition was added to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as part of the EA Play element of the Ultimate subscription in early January 2022.

The revamp of the three Xbox 360 classics gives old and new players the opportunity to play through the epic saga of Commander Shepard and his/her crewmates!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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