Conor McGregor: WWE legend Chris Jericho's savage response to UFC man's 2016 tweet


The beef we never expected to see took place back in 2016 when UFC star Conor McGregor and legendary WWE Superstar Chris Jericho went at it on Twitter.

Both fighters have achieved many great things in their respective sports over the years, but to see them go blow for blow online truly was a weird spectacle. 

McGregor has competed in multiple weight divisions in UFC such as featherweight, lightweight and welterweight, with relative success in every category, and he has even fought boxing legend Floyd Mayweather

Jericho, meanwhile, has also achieved many great things in the world of wrestling.

The American has been a staple in the industry and is one of the most well-known names, regularly appearing in big PPV such as WrestleMania and SummerSlam.

Jericho is also a six-time world champion within the WWF/WWE franchise. 

However, in a Twitter spat back in 2016, Jericho had a pop at McGregor after the Irishman had something controversial to say about his beloved industry.  


Conor said: “I didn’t mean no disrespect to the @wwe fans. What I meant to say was that I’d slap the head off your entire roster. And twice on Sunday’s.”

Jericho didn’t take a liking to this and decided to have a go back at the Irishman, doing so in savage fashion. 

“Sorry pal no disrespect to u, but my fights are legit, unlike the fixed fights u have in @UFC. I’ll embarrass u.”

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Where was Conor McGregor born?

Not sure we agree with Jericho saying WWE is legit and UFC is fixed, but it’s still a brutal response nonetheless and one that quickly went viral with Y2J’s fans.

Notorious is known for his trash-talking, but he was shown up by Jericho on this occasion, who is quite the pro on the microphone himself. 

It wasn’t just Jericho he ticked off with that tweet either, as Roman Reigns sent a reply of his own.

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