Pokemon Legends Arceus Graphics: Players Rip into "Bad" Visual Quality

Players have been reacting to the graphical capabilities of the new Pokemon Legends Arceus game

Pokemon Legends Arceus is set to be released on Friday 28th January and players are already ripping into the graphical output of the game from a recent leak.

Whilst the Nintendo Switch is not the most powerful console on the market, games such as Breath of the Wild have proved that the right approach can yield fantastic results.

It’s likely that Pokemon fans will not be too hindered by the graphics and will be more interested in the gameplay, but it is still quite the revelation.

Here are some of the reactions to the low-grade graphics of Pokemon Legends Arceus following the release of some preview shots.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus Graphics

A post was put up on the r/Gaming subreddit showing the graphical comparisons between the new Pokemon game and Elder Scrolls Oblivion from 2006, and to be fair there isn’t a huge amount of difference in graphical quality.

One player on the thread would sum up the situation, claiming that it is “laziness” of the developers in terms of getting the details correct:

“I think it’s more about details than anything else. Details make a huge difference. Oblivion has hills, grass, trees, rocks, ruins. This Pokemon game screenshot looks like it has nothing except mountain, hole, water, island.

“Even PS3 era games have this issue. Trails of Cold Steel makes excellent use of textures, colour, and small details and objects to break up the monotony. And then you have Tales of Berseria, where dungeons are literally just copy-pasted hallways, with nothing interesting in them at all.

Trails of Cold Steel was made by Falcom, a company with 60 employees. Tales of Berseria is Bandai Namco, with nearly 1000 employees (edit: not implying all 1000 worked on it, Falcom also works on the Ys series, after all.).

“It’s not a technology issue at all. It’s just laziness (edit: or maybe time management issues, I’ll admit). They (edit: maybe the devs, or maybe the publishers) don’t care enough to make the game look interesting.”

One of the worst summations of the graphical issues was put more succinctly by another player, who wrote: “This is like 1999 Everquest levels of bad water.”

Whilst we can’t know if this is what the game will look like in full until the official release date, it is quite an indictment on the game that Pokemon fans are hoping will be a change in direction for the series.


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