Greatest showboating ever? Kaizer Chiefs' reserves styled on Platinum Stars in 2018

  • Kobe Tong

Kaizer Chiefs’ reserves know one or two things about showboating.

Every now and again, there are moments in football when a particular team or player feels so confident about the result that they will turn on the skills to an unnecessary degree.

Whether it’s Neymar whipping out a rainbow flick or Cristiano Ronaldo completing ten thousand step-overs, showboating is a thoroughly entertaining part of football that isn’t all-too common.

The art of showboating

Besides, the nature of the stunt marks something of a grey area because although it can make for great viewing for a neutral, it can be perceived as being disrespectful to the opponents.

It depends where you draw the line on sportsmanship in terms of your opinion on showboating, but it’s something that’s taken so seriously in certain instances that referees have dished out bookings.

However, that wasn’t the case when the Kaizer Chiefs reserves decided to produce some of the most eye-opening showboating that we have ever seen in the sport back in February 2018.

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Kaizer Chiefs’ reserves styled on Platinum Stars

According to FourFourTwo, the Amakhosi’s second-string side were leading 4-2 over the Platinum Stars in the final minutes of the game when they decided to turn the showboating up to 11.

In footage that has gone repeatedly viral since it took place, Kaizer Chiefs can be seen mercilessly styling on their opponents as they saw out the MultiChoice Diski Challenge match in Durban.

The reserve side’s number 14 seemed particularly game for showboating with his stunts varying from random flurries of applause to hopping along as though he was injured mid-possession.

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Some of the wildest showboating ever

Both fans and a member of the Kaizer Chiefs bench seemed to be loving what was transpiring before their eyes, but you can’t help feeling for the Platinum Stars as the showboating intensified.

However, no matter where you plant your flag in the entertainment vs sportsmanship debate, there’s no denying that it endures as one of the wildest few minutes of football you can see regardless.

So, go on, do yourselves a favour and watch Kaizer Chiefs’ reserves enjoying football to the fullest by reminiscing on their remarkable showboating from 2018 down below:

It’s a miracle that a ruthless slide-tackle didn’t go flying in!

Entertaining, disrespectful or both?

The broadcast footage certainly shows that there was a serious debate surrounding whether or not Kaizer Chiefs’ reserves had done the right thing – and there’s no denying that it’s a divisive topic.

After all, it’s not the first time that we’ve seen similar instances in South African football with Orlando Pirates having humiliated Tottenham Hotspur by showboating while 2-1 up in a 2003 friendly.

Everybody wants football to be both entertaining and respectful, so showboating can ride a fine line between satisfying the former and raising two fingers to the latter.

However, call us callous or put it down to the time that has passed since the incident, but we can’t help watching Kaizer Chiefs’ reserves taking showboating to new heights and smiling every time.

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