WWE SmackDown: Seth Rollins name-dropped Jon Moxley during Roman Reigns segment


In the build-up to the Royal Rumble, this past week on SmackDown, Seth Rollins was on the receiving end of an attack by the Uso brothers, who were sent by The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

During his promo, however, he name-dropped friend and former partner Jon Moxley, better known in WWE as Dean Ambrose, much to the delight of the fans in attendance and the millions watching around the world.

Rollins called out the Usos when referring to Moxley, claiming that Reigns always sends someone to “do the dirty work for him.”

He exclaimed to a packed crowd: “Since we’re out here for a celebration [to celebrate Reigns’ record Universal Title reign], we should celebrate the Usos, who, in truth are the cornerstones of your Bloodline/

“They’re the ones who make everything you do possible. They’re the ones who hold you up. Just like Mox and I held you up during The Shield, the Usos are your pedestal.”

Rollins then started chanting “U-sos”, to the disgruntlement of Reigns, who responded with the rhetorical question of: “Oh little brother, did John Cena write that promo for you?”

Reigns was referring to the promo given by John Cena, who also name-dropped Jon Moxley in a segment the previous year.

The segment at the start of the show ended with an announcement that a fight would take place in the main event between the Usos and Rollins, who would have Kevin Owens in his corner.

If the Usos were to win, Reigns would get a paid vacation to any destination until WrestleMania 38 on April 2. If Rollins and Owens were to win, however, the the Usos would be banned from being ringside during the Universal Championship match scheduled to take place at the Rumble later this month.


The fight was intense as the brothers put in some extremely impressive moves, but that was not enough to defeat the heavy bruising blows from both Rollins and Owens.

Due to the victory for Rollins, this means that both Jimmy and Jey will be barred from being ringside in the contest between Rollins and Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble.

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