Call of Duty: Huge update provided by insider about game's future


I remember being a teenager and looking forward to September.

The reason being that once, every September, a new Call of Duty game would be released.

However, it seems that the teenagers of tomorrow, as well as the teenagers of past, will no longer experience an annual Call of Duty game, according to an article from Bloomberg.

According to the article, since the Microsoft takeover of Activision Blizzard, it is believed that there have been discussions about reducing the intense annual cycle.

The reason behind the discussions have been partly due to the recent sales of their latest games, with Call of Duty: Vanguard recording the worst sales of any Call of Duty game in over a decade.

Another reason has been resource, as employees are often being refocused from other projects to focus on delivering a new Call of Duty. The result of this rescheduling could mean that a more variety of games will be released from Activision Blizzard, with rumours of a Spyro 4 game being on the cards.


With the restructure to the release schedule, it might also improve the quality of the games that the franchise produces, with some critics being left disappointed with the editions for the past couple of years.

This is despite new modes, such as Warzone, being created to rejuvenate the series, but only appearing to have the sparks fizzled out within a year upon release.

With games appearing to be more immersive and carrying higher expectations on graphic quality, online experience and gameplay, it appears that the intensive schedule has played its part in the slight dip in sales for the franchise.

With some more investment and less of a time constraint, we might see some classic Call of Duty games start to be produced by the like of Activision once again.

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