Formula 1: Max Verstappen sends warning to Lewis Hamilton & co. ahead of next season

max verstappen

Max Verstappen has said that he feels as though he can improve in several areas and make tweaks to get even better as a driver, in a potential warning to Lewis Hamilton and the rest of the Formula 1 field.

Verstappen took the world championship crown in the most dramatic of circumstances back in December and will be looking to defend his title this coming campaign, with a host of new regulations set to be swept in by the sport.

Indeed, that adds a new dynamic and it’s going to be interesting to see which drivers and teams can get their heads around things best and quickest, in order to start the season on the right foot.

Providing the Red Bull is quick enough – and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be – Verstappen will surely be one of those drivers to adapt quicker than most given his talent, but he himself admits that there are still areas that he would like to improve on in terms of his overall driving approach:

“For me, I always say to myself, you’re never perfect in any area,” Verstappen said in an interview with personal sponsor CarNext.

“So let’s say you’re at 98 percent, whatever you can call it, I always look at it [as something] I can always improve.

“Because it’s not, ‘I can improve massively in this or massively in that’. It’s just tiny things, or, how can I try to influence the weekend a bit better?

“How can I prepare myself better? How can I make sure that I understand the balance of the car better for qualifying, [or the] race?


“These kind of differences. How can I understand the tyres better? All these kind of things.”

The Red Bull man is one of the best drivers on the grid so if he feels there are areas that he can get better in that is ominous for the rest of the field.

Saying that, every driver and team is striving to find that extra percentage to give them the edge and so it is only natural for Max to be looking for where he can improve.

Indeed, if he didn’t he would soon get left behind and it seems as though he has the mindset of a champion in the sense that he is not planning on resting on his laurels any time soon.

Another exciting year with him near the front could await, then.

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